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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan continuity.
Tulok, Prince of the Northern Water Tribe
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Northern Water Tribe


22 (Book 2), 23 (Book 3)

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Whale-tooth sword

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Northern Water Tribe, Chief Cupun, Southern Water Tribe, Prince Unaraq, Tanaraq, Chief Unirak, Rong Yan, Aloi, Amak


Earth King Qiang Zhen, eastern Earth Kingdom

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Chief-in-training, Warrior, Prince




Northern Water Tribe

First appearance

Book 2: Water Chapter 17: The Northern Water Tribe

Last appearance

Book 3: Earth Chapter ??: ???

Prince Tulok is a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan, and is the crown prince of the Northern Water Tribe.


Prince Tulok, was introduced in chapter 17, when the gang had finally arrived to the Northern Water Tribe. He had interrupted the meeting between the chief and Avatar Rong Yan. Technically, he was supposed to be there but showed up late. Like many meetings he shows up late, his father sometimes scolds him and tells him he needs to be more like his cousin Amak.

He meets the gang, and eyes Tanaraq throughout the meeting, they share a few looks. At the end of the meeting he asks her if she would like a tour of the city. Since she immediately has a crush on the crown prince she agrees and they tour the city in his royal carriage all awhile the rest of the gang go on their way around the capital city.

Throughout the day he sweeps her off her feet and takes her to a fantasy restaurant and later to a bridge where sometimes he enjoys to take girls to. Tulok, has a history of usually screwing up his relationship with a girl so he ends up getting friendzoned. This time around he finally believes he has found his soulmate, just like the many before.

They spend the evening talking and enjoying each other's company on the bridge. Later, they arrive at the palace to rest for the night. The next day, Tulok makes some errands and stops by the army barracks where his cousin Amak an officer in the army is hanging out at. They talk about the latest things, and then Tulok mentions that he wants to propose to a girl. His cousin Amak asks him how long he's known her, Tulok tries to lie but Amak catches him and says that he probably just met her.

Amak, continues to tell him he does this every time and he thinks Tulok is crazy, but he agrees that he's happy for him and encourages him to carve a betrothal necklace for the girl he wants to marry. He tells Tulok, that he needs to run some errands and then patrol for the rest of the night in the southwestern section of the city. That tomorrow he wants to hear all about it.

Later that night, Tulok asks Tanaraq to meet him at the bridge again just like last night, he had done this via love letter if you will. He arrives a bit late, but they begin to talk, he pulls out the necklace and proposes to her. Tanaraq, had then gotten a bit emotional and accepted his betrothal necklace, Tulok overjoyous he had fastened the necklace around her neck.

When the newly engaged couple had reached the palace they were stricken with grave news, Tulok's cousin Amak was assassinated. Tulok, felt his heart break into several pieces as he collapsed to the ground sobbing along with his already gone nuts father who was quickly heartbroken about the news his royal captain of the guard had brought to him.

Tulok, pushed away his fiancee and left the palace to gather his thoughts, as he reached the outside he was quickly pushed back in by the royal guards. They would not let him leave, because the city was on high alert and it was dangerous for him to set foot out of the palace. He had seen the palace was heavily guarded by soldiers and royal guards.

The next two days, he began to mourn his cousin's death as well preparing for his wedding that was the night after his cousin Amak's funeral. The wedding was successful, shoving his customs down Tanaraq's throat where she couldn't use waterbending to fight he also forced Tanaraq to stay in the North Pole.

Much has changed since he became chief, Tanaraq had grown to the customs of the Northern Water Tribe and his matured as such now being more formal thanks to the help of some of the women within the palace.

Battle of Chu Shi

It is known that in the chapter the Battle of Chu Shi, that Chief Cupun had stepped down from the throne and joined the war effort but was still titled Chief of the Northern Water Tribe within the new war. He makes brief mention that the new power couple is ruling the Northern Water Tribe calling his son and daughter-in-law, Chief Tulok and Chieftess Tanaraq.


Prince Tulok, was born a non-bender in the Northern Water Tribe. Trained by his father in the arts of the warrior, he was often taken into the cold wilds of the North Pole to be taught survival.

Tulok teaches the young warriors of the Northern Water Tribe, in the ways of the warrior. And just like his father, he often takes his students into the wilds of the North Pole, to teach them survival skills.


  • [[Cupun (Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan)|Chief Cupun}} (Father)
  • Chieftess Tanaraq (Wife)


Book 2: Water


Book 3: Earth

Preceded by
Chief Cupun, of the Northern Water Tribe
Crown Prince of the Northern Water Tribe
680 BG - 629 BG (29 Years)
Succeeded by
Unknown; Eventually Desna
Preceded by
Chief Cupun, of the Northern Water Tribe
Chief of the Northern Water Tribe
629 BG - ?? BG (?? Years)
Succeeded by
Unknown; Eventually Chief Arnook


  • Tulok is Inuit for Warrior, and God of the Stars.

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