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Prince Qiying of the First Rank, or simply Prince Qiying, was one of the six first-rank princely peerage titles that existed during the late Earth Kingdom which was not downgraded as it was passed down. Holders of the title primarily had influence over the northern provinces of the kingdom, which was where the family originated.

It was first awarded by the 38th Earth King Gong, to Yansen, an aristocrat from the northern Earth Kingdom and one of the most powerful high nobles of the time. The last individual to hold the title was Yongxuan, who was not permitted to pass down the title by the republican government that replaced the monarchy following King Wu's abdication.

Members of the Prince Qiying peerage

  • Yansen (1146 BG - 1100 BG) - One of the most influential aristocrats during the reign of the 38th Earth King, and his close supporter. Awarded the title Prince Qiying of the First Rank. Killed during the Hu Xin War.
    • Zaixin (1121 BG - ?) - The son of Yansen, friend of Gong's successor, the 39th Earth King Ronglu, who confirmed Zaixin's inheritance of the title Prince Qiying of the First Rank and briefly made him Prime Minister of the Imperial Cabinet during his attempted reforms.
  • Yongxuan (108 AG - 179 AG) - Rose to prominence during the final years of the Earth Kingdom, served as the Grand Secretariat of Ba Sing Se for some time during the reign of Queen Hou-Ting. Later came out of retirement after her death during the attempted Hou-Ting Restoration, supported the royalist warlord General Dianying.


  • It is based on the 12 "iron-cap" princely peerage titles that existed in the Qing Dynasty of imperial China.

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