Preparing For It
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Next Generations


Book 1 : "A New Era Of Love And Peace"



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Bahjy1, BlackMonkey



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12 November 2011

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In The Eyes Of Pathik

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The Battle Needs A Sacrifice

Previously, On Next Generations

Jimg have freed Gaoling of the Old Glory Nation.

Silence went around the people, as he continued : "Today I declare a complete change in the Fire Lord system!

"From now and on, each Fire Lord will rule for four years, after that, elections happen! The current Fire Lord will elect someone that he chooses, and he can choose himself, to compete with the first two other people from the nation to get 100 signings from you people!

"Every citizen of the nation will choose one of the three, and after a month, the new Firelord will be declared!", the crowd cheered, "You are free to say that the current leader is not good, you are free to say what you think, you are free to vote every four years! The Firelord will be given the same rights as he is now, that includes the ownership of the palace, the complete rule of the nation, but one thing he can't change is the election system. This system cannot be touched by anyone and is not subject to change with no exceptions at all!"

The crowd cheered heavily, becoming happy. Zuko ended the speech saying : "Today my four year rule starts!".

Chapter 17 : Preparing For It

Two days have passed since Aang's meeting with Pathik, Aang, Earth King Hinku, Fire Lord Zuko, Fire Nation generals, were all at the War Meeting Room, in the Fire Nation Royal Palace, and as you may have guessed already, there was a meeting.

Zuko : "Where is Minji ?"

Hinku : "Dear Firelord, I have visited the mechanist lately, and I discovered something, I'm afraid that... Minji is so ill, I moved him to the Earth Kingdom Royal Hospital in Ba Sing Se, and I wish that he will be aided soon"

Zuko : "These are bad news. As per my agreement with the Earth King, he will start the meeting today!"

Hinku : "Thank you. I want to bring something a bit off-topic, but important. The change of the Fire Nation's rule system from monarchy to democracy was considered great by many people, but it may hurt the monarchy of the Earth Kingdom. The change will become known to citizens of the Earth Kingdom eventually, and thus leading to a revolution against monarchy"

Aang : "I think it is a wise change by the Firelord, and it was not anybody's fault. Since you are the king of the Earth Kingdom, you should mind that business in your kingdom! We all know the reason why we're here, we want to discuss the terms of the next battle against the Old Glory Nation and make a plan!"

Hinku : "I don't suppose you should talk in that way to a king"

Aang : "I don't suppose that you should attack a Firelord personally in that way"

Zuko : "Stop!".. "I agree with the Avatar! But I will make sure citizens of the Fire Nation will do their best to ensure that no news will come to the Earth Kingdom. General Hikaro will start this up"

Hikaro : "The Fire Nation has got three airships, and we will build another one during the next week. The tank station in Omashu is still there, right ?"

Hinku : "Right"

Hikaro : "Great, next week, we will have our airship base with four airships, a good amount of tanks in Omashu, a whole military around New ZeaZhao, three Waterbenders-filled submarines near Gaoling, loyal Earthbenders in Gaoling, and the Avatar. Our forces are so many, now we just need a plan. General Fungi has a plan"

Fungi : "That's right. I think, that if we put the airships above their big wall", Fungi moved a little airship-like piece to New ZeaZhao on the map, "and we collect tanks and Earthbenders, Firebenders and fighters, as well as Waterbenders and the Avatar, all around the walls, then attack from every single point. This will make the battle short, and will ensure us the win. Agree ?"

Hinku : "Agree"

Zuko : "Agree"

Hikaro : "Agree"

Other generals : "Agree"

After a moment of silence, Zuko spoke up : "Aang ?"

Aang : "Oh, oh, yes. Agree"

Fungi : "Cool. We have a great amount of forces and a great plan"

Zuko : "Okay, in a week, a messenger hawk will drop a message to each of you, to come and do as the plain says so. Meeting ended!"

As they walked out of the room, each heading to a different destination, Zhao was underground, along with the rest of the Old Glory Gang. Everyone was playing cards, chatting and laughing, while Zhao was alone, deep in thoughts. What if they attacked ?, When will they ?, Will we win ? We already beat them, twice, maybe once and a half, but we beat them. How a stupid Gaoling citizen freed the city ? I think we need training. He was interrupted from thinking by an Earthbender : "Sir, we made a report. New ZeaZhao needs more food. The food there is only for a month"

Zhao : "Go get some from the Earth Kingdom"

The Earthbender headed towards the tunnel leading to the Earth Kingdom : "Okay!"

Zhao : "Lo Zen! Go and tell everyone in the city to train their bending or fighting, we need to get ready. Stupid world may attack at any time!"

A guy who was in the room replied : "Okay!", then he cruised using Earthbending to get to the city. Zhao thought : I am missing a great leader, I am missing Ozai.

Two days have passed, Zuko walked down the dim halls of the Fire Nation Royal Palace as footsteps boomed through the metal walls, and a guard walked towards him.

Guard: "My Lord, you are being requested to come to the Royal Courtyard by the Fire Lady"

Zuko: "Mai? What for?"

Guard: "The workers who are supposed to be building our airships don't seem to be cooperating"

Zuko: "I'll check it out"

After a while, at the Fire Nation Royal Courtyard, Zuko had arrived by palanquin, and was quickly greeted by Mai.

Mai: "Zuko! Thank god you're here! My workers just don't seem to be cooperating"

Zuko looked over that dozens of soldiers lounging around the skeleton of an airship. They looked up as he walked towards them: "We must defeat Zhao! When you lounge around our chances of winning the War are getting slimmer and slimmer!"

A soldier stood up: "We've been working all day! That girl over there isn't letting us go inside for lunch!"

Zuko: "That girl is the Fire Lady! You have to obey her! This is lunch or freedom we're talking about!"

Soldier: "Come on, Zuko! Give us a break!"

Mai : "How dare you call him Zuko ?"

Zuko: "We have no time for breaks!"

Soldier: "Please!"

Zuko: "Ten gold coins for whoever can get an engine in that ship"

The soldier wanted to reply, but was stunned at the amount of others who suddenly sat up and went back to work. As they started climbing metal scaffolding, Mai walked up to Zuko: "Good one".

Zuko: "I understand these guys. It wasn't very hard"

Mai gave him a kiss on the cheek: "We're going to win the battle. I know it"

The next morning, far away, dusk was beginning to come over the South Pole, over Katara City, and Aang, Katara and Sokka were still sitting around their whale bone table, chatting.

Aang: "Does your arm still hurt from the battle, Katara?"

Katara: "Yeah, but it's stopped bleeding. Gran Gran made me a seaweed lotion that's been making the pain go away"

Sokka: :You know, a plate of seaweed is sounding pretty tasty to me right now"

Katara: "And?"

Sokka: "I'm hungry. Hey Aang, want to help me catch some arctic koi for dinner?"

Aang: "I've got to watch Katara right now, sorry. I'm a vegetarian anyway"

Sokka: "We'll pick you some sea prunes"

Katara: "Leave him alone, Sokka. I need him. I bet Suki would be eager to help you find some food. She's down at Dad's house right now"

Sokka, grunting, stood up and walked out of the room, picking his fishing spear off a rack on his way out.

Aang: "He's pretty grumpy"

Katara: "Yeah"... "Ouch!"

Aang: "What is it?"

Katara: "My arm. It's sore. I don't know how I'll be able to fight with this. It's only a matter of time before Zhao strikes again"

Aang: "You don't think it's permanent, do you?"

Katara: "I hope not. For the kids' sake"

Aang: "How are the kids?"

Katara: "They're sleeping. Quietly. I love them so much, but I feel terrible leaving them with Gran Gran all the time while I fight or go on adventures. It's just mean"

Aang placed his hand on Katara's: "It's okay".

Katara: "Aang?"

Aang: "Yeah?"

Katara: "Our kids need us. They need one of us anyway. Every time I leave them I just feel dreadful. It hurts worse than my arm does".

Aang: "What do you mean?"

Katara: "I want to stop fighting. I'm injured, the kids need us, it doesn't prove a thing. Zhao will forget it if we win, or if we don't. I'm retiring. The kids need me. And I think I need the kids too"

Aang : "However you want, Katara. Did you see the scrolls ?"

Katara : "Of course! They're so amazing! I'm sure they will be good stories for the kids, bedtime stories"

That was a day of rest, for everyone, a regular day. Like those days when Team Avatar was in the Fire Nation Royal Palace, for four years. Two days later, at night, Zuko sat with Ursa in his large ornate living room. A small fire dimly lit up there surroundings.

Zuko: "We've got a new whole airship built. Zhao won't stand a chance"

Ursa: "Zhao? Yes, he is pretty strong"

Zuko: "Don't worry. My men have loads of weapons"

Ursa: "You're starting to sound like Ozai, you know"

Zuko: "What do you mean?"

Ursa: "I know you think this is for the best, but I'm sure that's what Zhao thinks also. I loved Ozai but he just changed one day"

Zuko: "You think I'm changing into another Ozai?"

Ursa: "No. Not yet, anyway"

Another regular day passed, the next morning, a messenger hawk was at Omashu, Gaoling's seaport, Aang's house in Katara City, and the Fire Nation Airship Base. All of the messages said :

Go. Now. Gather around New ZeaZhao. Do as the plan said.


Fire Lord Zuko.


  • This is the first chapter to feature a contributor other than Bahjy1.
  • This is the first chapter to feature BlackMonkey. Many thanks to guest writer BlackMonkey!

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