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The Pit Part 1: The Dark Can Protect You

Liu and Sensu spent about three weeks gathering their necessary supplies. They met everyday during their recreation time and when ever Liu was able to sneak out of his cell. Three days before they were going to make their move they met for a final meeting.

"Okay so far we have about a week and half's worth of food, and a very small bit of rope." Liu said going through their assets.

"How did you get that rope anyway?" Sensu asked still curious about it.

"I'd rather not say." Liu said checking to see if anyone was looking.

"Alright then, now we have only two problems, what about water, and how are we going to get the food down there?" Sensu asked as several guards entered the courtyard.

"Water shouldn't be a problem, as for the food... I think I have an idea." Liu said as he saw the guards approach them.

"You two come with us." they ordered, "The Warden wants to see you." The guards surrounded the two and escorted them out of the courtyard. As they walked through the halls of the prison Liu started to get a little a head of the guards. One of them grabbed Liu and pulled him back in the center of them. Sensu noticed Liu's subtle smile, as they were lead to the Wardens office.

"Good morning gentlemen." The Warden said looking up from his papers.

"Morning Wardy." Liu said with his usual grin. "What can we do for ya?"

"How about you tell me what you two are planning." the Warden asked throwing a cup at them.

"Oh, thank you sir, I was getting thirsty." Liu said as he caught the cup.

"Stop fooling around and tell me!"

"We're not planning anything." Sensu said before Liu could say anything to compromise them.

"I know you two are planning something. You two have spent three weeks together." the Warden said slamming his hands on the desk. "And you've never been one for friends Liu."

"Oh come on, I haven't even tried to escape for the last three weeks." Liu said.

"That's the problem, you've been too quiet to be doing anything but planning something."

"So you're saying that my good behavior means I planning something, not that I have just accepted my fate and decided to make a friend here?" Liu asked unable to believe that he was getting in trouble for doing nothing.

The Warden smiled as he said, "Liu if you were the kind of guy to accept your fate, you would've either died along time ago or not do what got you in here in the first place. I want them to have 24 hr. surveillance starting tomorrow. You two enjoy your last day of "relative" freedom."

"So what did you do to get thrown in here?" Sensu asked as the two were taken back to their cells.

"Nothing much just killed a few people." Liu replied nonchalantly.

"Such as..."

"Such as a few nobles, soldiers, thugs, low lives and others who don't merit mention."

"There's more to it than that." Sensu said knowing Liu was hiding something.

"Yes there is," Liu said, "But you don't need to know it." Liu lowered his voice, "We need to move our plan to tomorrow. I'll get the food in tonight."

"How?" Sensu whispered.

"I have my ways." Liu said revealing a ring of keys. "See ya tomorrow."

That night Liu unlocked his cell and sneaked to their hiding spot. As he approached the cache of food he heard voices. He slowly rounded a corner and saw two guards standing right in front of where Liu and Sensu hid their food. Liu cursed under his breath as he melted into the shadows. Liu moved unseen and unheard towards the guards, silently leaping to the pipes that hung over head and shimmied over the guards. When he was directly over the two guards he hooked his feet around the pipes and let go with his hands. While hanging upside down Liu grabbed the guards by their throats and held on until they went limp. Liu dropped to the ground and hid the bodies after he grabbed the food. Afterwords he snuck into the chamber where the Pit was and tossed the food in.

"Hope it's still there tomorrow." Liu whispered.

"Why's that?" a voice asked in his ear. Liu spun around and kicked the person who snuck up on him in the chest. Liu watched in amazement as his assailant flipped through the air and landed on his feet.

"And they told me Airbenders were extinct." Liu said as the person ran forward and jabbed at Liu's face. Liu ducked under the punch and grabbed the man's arm and moving behind him. "Sorry but you gotta go." Liu said throwing the man in the pit. Liu made his way back to his cell and locked the door. "Tomorrow the fun begins."


This is the first time Twilitlink has written a chapter that is mostly dialogue.

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