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Precious Treasure
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ABCLAF Logo This Kataang one-shot takes place in Sozin's Comet, Part 4: Avatar Aang.

Chapter Thirty-Six: Precious Treasure

"Katara . . . ?"

She glances up at him, the bowl of water in her hands forgotten.

"Hi, Aang," she chirps. "How are you?"

He grins sheepishly. "Oh, um, I'm fine." He settles down, cross-legged, across from her. "What are you up to?"

"Me? Just practicing my Waterbending." She smiles innocently at him.

He pretends to be upset. "But you're always practicing! Why don't you do something fun for once?"

She lowers her gaze back to the water, with which she is forming fragile, exquisite chickadee robins and hummingfinches, attempting to fine-tune her bending to an art. "Like what?"

"Like . . ." He glances to and fro, clearly hiding a secret of some form or another. A faint blush creeps along his cheeks, and he is certain she can feel the embarrassment practically radiating off of him.

She laughs. "Oh, come now," she presses, "surely you, the Avatar, master of all four elements—"

"Five," he squeaks.

"—master of all five elements, savior of the world, aren't afraid to tell a girl something, are you?"

He nods, rubbing the back of his neck. "Katara . . . ?"

She motions for him to continue as she tries to craft wafer-thin feathers onto a hummingfinch, huffing when her mastery over her element is not yet perfect enough to perform such delicate operations. "Go on, Aang. I'm listening."

He sucks in a breath, feeling his lungs expand with the contained air.

"Katarawouldyougooutwithme?" he cries, expelling all of his love in a powerful wind that blows back the bowl, reducing her creations to puddles and spilling the liquid over the floor.

"Aang!" she snaps, bending the water from the ground, her clothes, and her hair. "Can't you ever be careful?"

He shrinks, flinching away from her anger. "Sowwy," he breathes, aiding her efforts at cleaning up the mess. "I didn't mean to . . ."

As he lapses into silence, he realizes that she is simply sitting there, watching him finish Waterbending the liquid into the bowl and move back to his cross-legged position, his ashamed blush now a deep cherry red. For several minutes, he fidgets, unable to bear the quiet.

"It's okay," she answers, and he notes that the fury in her voice has drained—and that it was never there. His gaze travels upwards from the floor to her face, and he is pleased to see a similar pink flush on her cheeks as well.

He only blushes further. She moves the bowl out of the way and leans closer to him. "So—so you're not confused anymore?" he asks hopefully. "Because—you—you're like a—a—a precious treasure." He winces; what sounded like an amazing line the night before has suddenly turned into—

He is surprised when she lightly kisses his cheek. "Yes, Aang, I'll go out with you. Tonight?"

It takes all of his energy not to leap up and dance in happiness.

"Yes," he confirms, his eyes shining. "Tonight."


Ah, finally, after I posted that up on the updates thing . . . wow. Now I need to find another preview. It only took . . . a month. xD

Oh, how much I toiled with this one! Katara practicing her Waterbending . . . I took a class in birding and can identify fifty different types of birds by sight and/or sound. Aang's failure . . . [ahem] That little "precious treasure" came from one of my many Avatar-related dreams.

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