By Philanahembree Part of the Forces of Nature continuity.
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United Republic


United Republic, Fire Nation


Eastern Air Temple


133 AG

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United Republic, Air Nomads


Equalists, Kuvira

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Airbending master

Prayun was an airbender who gained airbending abilities following the creation of the new spirit portal in Republic City.


Prayun was born in the United Republic of Nations, moving with his brother to Republic City. Sometime later his brother joined the United Forces and he was left to run a family business. Prayun had a number of relationships over the next two decades, but was too much of a social downer for them to work.

In 171 AG after hearing of the Avatar's defeat at the hands of Amon, he decided to join the Equalists, but later helped the resistance and was acquitted from his involvement from them.

Three years later, Prayun lost his business and found employment with Future Industries, later helping evacuate the citizens before Kuvira's arrival. Prayun would later move back to Republic City when it was mostly repaired. He was later taken with the inventors and scientists to investigate the "tourist attraction" spirit portal in the middle of the city, which was showing powerful spiritual energy. Prayun and his team spent days trying to find a solution, even having Tenzin and Varrick look at it. Just as he and his team were going to construct a lab around the portal, a number of spirits came through and began taking people into the Spirit World. Prayun was able to escape from them for a while, and was almost taken into the Spirit World before the portal stabilised, freeing most of the scientists and inventors but leaving the evil spirits in Republic City.

Prayun was sick for a few months, with many healers being unable to help him. One night, he awoke and accidentally destroyed most of his home with newly acquired airbending abilities.

Prayun was taken from Republic City straight to the Southern Air Temple to begin his airbending training. During his first few months at the Southern Temple, he began a relationship with an Air Acolyte named Haanya. They would later have two children together, however only one became an airbender, while the other trained as an Air Acolyte, later marrying an airbender and having three children by him, who were all airbenders, much to Prayun's joy.


Despite his intellect and confidence with business matters, he was also anti-social, not being able to keep close friends and relationships for long.


When he first gained airbending abilities, he showed more power than an airbending master for a short time before he learned to control it. He managed to destroy most of his home in Republic City.

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