By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
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Skin color

Blue, Red

Eye color


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Chronological and political information

S.C.P (formerly), H.I.V.E


Kyd Wykkyd, Slenderman

First appearance

Titans Return

Porygon-Z is a glitch creation made by the former member of the S.C.P, Kyd Wykkyd, as one of his first attempts at creating life. However, Porygon-Z turned out to just be a robotic item, only acting real. Truly though it only takes orders if it does anything, now by Slenderman since Kyd Wykkyd ran away. It is able to levitate and is made from smooth, metallic material that can withstand the travel through time and space, able to go to alien worlds unharmed.

It first appears after the Titans are called into a robbery at the museum, when it was discovered far in the corner of the room. It only became active when Tails Doll came in with the H.I.V.E on its tail. It stays aside, examining the fighting styles from both teams until one point it makes a sonar ping that senses the anti-benders. After Slenderman arrives, it goes with Tails Doll upon command to the S.C.P Foundation.

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