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Political Animals
The Race For Ba Sing Se
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Political Animals is a short fanon series, written by Omashu Rocks. It has received Double Fanonbending status and is working its way towards a third nomination.

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Political Animals is May 2013's Featured Fanon Series!


Only a naive fool would honestly believe that Ba Sing Se simply reinstalled Kuei as their leader and moved on peacefully. No, that wouldn't be possible in the most politically corrupt and morally bankrupt city in the world. Immediately after Ozai's defeat, cries for a change in government shot throughout the entire Earth Kingdom. While a few did favor Kuei to remain as ruler, most became addicted to the concept of holding a free Democratic election to determine who would become the President of the Earth Nation. Avatar Aang, believing it was not his role to use his influence to elect his preferred President, declared that candidates with similar ideas would form parties and a clear platform that the people could use to make their decision. Out of the genuine belief that he was best for the position and nothing else, General How immediately joins the Liberal Party along with Lao Beifong and others. To How's dismay, General Fong and General Sung form the Military Party and vie for the nomination, vowing for a strong militaristic rule over the nation. To make matters much worse, Long Feng establishes the Communist Party, and began to run on a platform of "standing up for the people".

General How must deal with media scrutiny, violent protests, and the evil intentions of his main opponent while struggling to run his own family. He's about to find out what a tough contact sport campaigning for office really is.


  • General How - Leader of the Council of Five and Liberal Party candidate for President of the Earth Nation
  • Kuei - Incumbent leader and member of the Monarchist Party
  • Long Feng - Former adviser to Kuei and Socialist Presidential candidate, arguing that what he previously did for Ba Sing Se was ultimately a good thing
  • Joo Dee - New member of the Liberal Party and considered a hero for what she endured during the war
  • General Fong - Aggressive, unyielding Presidential Candidate who believes that the nation would be best under a strong military grip
  • Lao Beifong - Famous capitalist entrepreneur and Liberal Party candidate for President of the Earth Nation
  • General Sung - Also a Military Party candidate, he shares most of the beliefs of Gereral Fong
  • Avatar Aang - Believes he has no right to tell the people of the Earth Nation how to vote
  • Tanowa - Eager reporter willing to do anything to get a story
  • Kumbo - Former political adviser to the Water Chief now senior adviser to the How Campaign
  • Mayor Tong - Leader of Chin Village who endorses Long Feng early on
  • Bo - General How's father and former mayor of a large Earth Kingdom city


  1. Cries for Change - The Earth King returns to Ba Sing Se to find that his popularity is at an all-time low, and a pro-Democracy rally that How stumbles upon quickly escalates to a massive and violent protest.
  2. Leaked - How visits Lao Beifong to discuss policy as things heat up in Ba Sing Se. Meanwhile, Long Feng delivers an emotional speech in the Lower Ring.
  3. Politics is a Contact Sport - Although How gains a new ally, the negativity of the race is taken to a new level. While General Fong campaigns in Omashu, Lao and Kuei craft cunning schemes.
  4. The Debates - Kuei tries to persuade certain provincial governors to cast their votes for him as the candidates for the Patriots Party and Liberal Party nominations face off head to head.
  5. Brawls and Betrayal - Joo Dee confronts Long Feng during a campaign rally, but their dispute leads to something much more than a debate. Concurrently, How and Huma's relationship is put to the ultimate test.
  6. The Great Negotiator - After visiting Aunt Wu, Lao Beifong agrees to a primary election date with How, Kuei is interviewed, and Fong takes another shot at persuading Yung. Also, an unexpected player gets How's attention.
  7. Deal with the Devil - How's campaign makes an unlikely alliance to combat Lao's latest scheme. Huma emerges from the political shadows to take on General Fong in a major public debate.
  8. Political Slugfest Huma confronts Tanowa, and the candidates select their running mates before the last debate of the campaign. Meanwhile, Kumbo and Bo suspect fowl play.
  9. History is Made The election finally arrives in Ba Sing Se. Will the city choose to maintain a monarchy, or will it select its first President of the Earth Nation? Will the Monarchists, the Liberals, the Socialists, or the Patriots come out on top?


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  • The title is inspired by a USA short series with the same name staring Sigourney Weaver.
  • While American Democrats are considered "liberal," this fanon refers to the old meaning of liberal, which stood for free elections as opposed to conservative monarchies.
  • Long Feng resembles Communist leaders throughout history who promised that their main concern would be to make sure all the people were equal and treated fairly.


I, as most users know, am openly Conservative. However, readers shouldn't be discouraged based on that. I really don't shove any particular views into the chapters.

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