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Poison of the Night
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2 July 2010

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Poison of the Day

"Poison of the Night" is chapter one of Book One of "Poisoned Temptation".

Poison of the Night

"Ah, free at last." Azula stepped out of the mental health facility. She felt joyful and ready for revenge on Zuko and the Fire Nation. She already began formulating plans as she returned to her new home within the Fire Nation. She created a list of traitors who wanted to see the fall of the Fire Nation and rule the Earth Kingdom. Azula set out by night fall into the outskirts of Omashu to join the most important team member, one who was completely inconspicuous. Siph, an Earthbender who learned metal bending from stalking Team Avatar.

"You're late," A dark figure whispered.

"If I were any bit earlier, Siph, I would have been captured and would be interrogated right now," Azula replied. "And speaking of which, you sent former Dai Li agents to watch me. How I killed every one of them, just for practice. So next time, don't worry about me. I can handle myself. So lets get down to business, shall we? We need to track down Ku Tan, the Firebender who can bend lava."

"But, I thought that was only Avatar level Firebending!" Siph proclaimed.

Azula instructs Dai Li agents

"You're right, it is Avatar level. But it just so happens his father was an Earthbender refugee who moved to the Fire Nation colonies and met a Firebender, married, had Ku Tan as a child, then both were suspected for treason and were killed. But they weren't planning anything. Ku Tan knew that. He wants to join us. But believe me, don't try to become his friend. People have ended doing that." And with that, the two journeyed to Ember Island.

When the team stepped off the ferry boat, Siph was confused.

"This is just a vacation island," Siph stupidly uttered.

"Ku knows that! I'll hand it to you, you have the brain of an Earthbender. He's in a cave that leads under ground. I know where it is," Azula insulted. After three long hours, Siph and Azula found themselves at a giant boulder. Suddenly the front side of the rock melted off. Out stepped a red-and-green clothed figure.

"Oh, great. I thought you were insane," Ku Tan said.

"I'LL SHOW YOU INSANE!" With that, Azula let out a bolt of blue fire straight at Siph and Ku. As Ku Tan leaned back, a hole was burned in the rim of his Earth Kingdom hat.

"Sheesh, I was kidding. So when will we 'infiltrate' the Earth Kingdom?"

"Tomorrow night," Azula replied. "This is just attempt number one."

The next night, Azula, Siph, and Ku were dressed as Earth Kingdom citizens. They approached the palace and quickly made friends with people within the government within a week, and all trusted them. After all, this was their kind of place, their kind of people. So as a month went by, they joined the Earth King, Wrin Yong, at a banquet and told him of a conspiracy, a plan to infiltrate and destroy the Earth Kingdom and destroy it from the inside out. And behind it was Zuko. At this the Earth King was pleased, but unbelieving.

"There is no proof of such thing! If there was, then we would certainly go to war. We HATE the Fire Nation! But if there was even one word of attack, we would go to war," Wrin Yong said.

" I don't understand why? Why not just go to war already?" Azula pondered.

"Well, we wouldn't get any support from our people had we gone into reasonless war. I'm sorry." With that, Wrin concluded. Siph, Ku Tan, and Azula left, unsatisfied.

"That went well," Siph complained.

Azula's tactician mind raced. Then she had the perfect idea.

"We need to fake a Fire Nation raid! We are going to need Kai Sung and his soldiers to fake a Fire Nation attack. We will need a flag with a picture of Zuko on it. Now we will have pour respect and revenge from Zuko! The Fire Nation will bow to us! in at least a year, it will be known that Zuko is an incompetent leader and will bow before Earth Kingdom forces!"

To be continued in Chapter Two: Poison of the Day...

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