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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Fleeting Peace.

"I can't be the Avatar! I'm a pathetic Airbender; the only reason I haven't been discovered is because I barely know how to bend!"
— Po to his grandfather in Handle with Care
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Handle with Care

Po is one of the main protagonists of Fleeting Peace. His short-term goal is to learn his duty as the Avatar.


Po was born in the minuscule country of Gust, which exists in what used to be known as the Northern Air Temple. He was an Airbender from birth, although thanks to the present anti-bender sentiment of the world, he was forced to keep his abilities hidden. His parents and younger brother died when he was young, apparently during a storm while at sea. Since then, he has been raised primarily by his grandfather.

On Po's seventeenth birthday, his best friend, Su, gave him a very precious scroll over half a century old. It immediately became his most prized possession. When he returned to his home, he began to take care of his grandfather, who was wasting away from a disease. His grandfather then revealed that Po was the Avatar. Despite Po's protests, his grandfather remained adamant on that point. He died barely two minutes later, and Po felt an obligation to him to fulfill his position as Avatar.

Leaving Home

Po left his home only two days after his grandfather's death, taking the scroll and an antique staff that had belonged to his Airbending great-grandmother with him.

Knowing that he must learn Waterbending (despite his rather mediocre Airbending abilities), he headed north to New Wave, the former Northern Water Tribe. After a brief rest and a disturbing dream of his family's deaths, a stranger awoke him and offered him food. Po then found out that Haku, the stranger, was a rogue Waterbender.


Po has a tendency to reveal more about himself than he desires. His loose tongue, however, has yet to get him in trouble. He is rather reckless, despite his logical thought process, but he often regrets his recklessness as soon as he acts upon it. He is also quite skeptical, but he cannot help but dream of the days when everyone, including benders like himself, was free.

Po is also rather bookish and constantly consults an old, forbidden scroll that a friend of his gave him on his seventeenth birthday.


Po possesses a great deal of common sense. He is also a smooth talker and persuasive.

His Airbending talents are mediocre, although this is chiefly due to a lack of instruction and practice.

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