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ABCLAF Logo This Kataang one-shot takes place in Sozin's Comet, Part 1: The Phoenix King.

Chapter Sixty-Seven: Playing the Melody

He can hear it in his mind.

Calling to him.

Across the waters.

Across the ocean.

Across the seas.

Calling to him.

Come, the voices sing. Come to us. Come to us.

The island.

The island.

So far away, and yet so close.

Calling to him.


Come to us.

Come to us.

Come to us.

His eyes open wide, just for an instant, as he fights against the tide, against the pull. Like the Avatar State. But without pain, for this does not fight with pain. It fights with . . .

With power.

With overpowering . . . blatant . . .

It sweeps over him.

It washes him away.


She lies in her bed, and she senses it. Something is wrong. Something is . . . wrong. The darkness presses in, surrounding her, and she is in the Cave of Two Lovers again, dreaming.

Listening to her heartstrings play their melody.

She can remember herself whispering his name. "Aang . . . what are we going to do?"

Or was that him?

Had she said his name?

Or had that been in her imagination, as so many other moments—

"What can we do?" he'd murmured.

The light had flickered.

And then . . .


He urges to go back for his glider, but the calling is too great. A powerful need awakes inside him, a need to go to the island.

A desperate, urgent need.

More than his need to eat.

More than his need to sleep.

More than his need to breathe.

It is as if he will die.

Die painfully.


He needs to go the island, or he will suffer the consequences.


She sits up suddenly, one hand on her stomach, the other against her headboard.

She can still feel the phantom kiss on her lips.

Shaking her head, she perches on the side of her mattress; around her, all is dark, and she is swift to wrap the covers around her. An irrational fear hits her, a fear that a monster under the bed will eat her feet unless she lies back down, and she is under the covers sooner than one could tell her to do so.

I should probably tell Aang I'm sorry. He must be worried sick about the whole Fire Lord thing. She stares at the sliver of light under the door and pulls the blanket tighter around her. Aang doesn't have to kill him . . . he would . . . oh, he's so confused. I should go hug him. And talk to him.


He climbs over the wooden railing, and he begins to stumble through the sand. The shells cut at his feet.

He can't feel it.

He reaches the edge of the lapping water, and he hesitates.


He doesn't.

He pushes forward.

Come to us.

The melody plays.


I should tell him.

But she hears the music of her dreams.

The melody plays on.


Why didn't Katara apologize? That's why.

When I saw the theme, I went like: "Seriously? Why didn't I have this be the Ba Sing Se song arc? Oh yes, because I did it one at a time like a total moron."

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