Playing With Fire
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The White Flame Assassins



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April 22, 2012

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To kill a Mockingbird

The zeppelin glided through the crisp night's sky, shrouded by the dense storm clouds circling around it. It burst out of the bottom of the storm and into a patch of clear sky as it descended towards the dull lights of the town bellow.

It landed upon a docking pad in the middle of the town, a small, shabby place that had gone far to long without repairs. This was the town of Juran, a town in the outskirts of the Fire Nation that had become a popular gathering spot for thugs and petty criminals that where on the run from the law. The streets where littered with trash and dust, and the few lamps that weren't broken where stained and dull. The only sound to be heard from miles around was the distant echo's of shouting.

Two figures stepped out of the zeppelins doors and took in their surroundings. Both had black hair, tanned skin and a muscular frame that could only have been the result of daily training. They both wore crimson cloaks and hoods that concealed any items of weapons they might have carried, which they kept firmly wrapped around them to shroud the rest of their figures. The one on the left, a tall boy near the end of his teens with dark blue eyes began to stride off towards the road. But the right one, a boy about one or two years younger and an inch smaller with murky brown eyes, gently grabbed the formers arm and gently shook his head. He pointed to the left of them where a group of six thugs had creeped out of the shadows and prowled towards the pair.

The two boys calmly turned to face the menacing gang as one of them, a thin man with a collection of scars lining his face, approached them first, put his hand into his baggy pocket and pulled out a rather large carving knife. "You two must be pretty well off to afford a zeppelin ride to a dump like this." the thin man rasped, a sinister smile creeping across his face as his group surrounded the boys.

"We get by well enough." said the taller boy with a calm, even voice."

The thug with the scars dropped the smile and snarled. "Looks like we have a brave little boy here."

"Can't you count?" the smaller boy chirped with a mischievous grin "There's two of us."

"I can count well enough to know that your outnumbered three to one!" the scarred man barked, anger filling his voice "And to guess that your asking for a world of pain!"

The gang of thugs lit flames in their hands and began to close in on their prey. "Must you start a fight with everybody who threatens us?" the taller boy sighed as the pair went back-to-back.

"Well it's not as if we have anything to worry about." the smaller boy said as took up a fighting stance.

"You think it's smart to mock us boy!" the scarred man roared an he lunged at the smaller boy with his knife.

"I don't think it matters." the smaller boy grinned.

As the scarred man's knife came flailing towards the smaller boy it suddenly turned white hot, as if newly forged, and scalded the scarred thugs hand. As the thug dropped it the smaller boy took one step forward and grabbed the thug by the neck. With apparent ease he threw the scarred man over his shoulder and into two of the cronies charging him from behind. The smaller boy pivoted round and inhaled slowly, then he leaned forward and breathed a cone of fire over the three thugs. Fire of such intensity that it appeared almost white in colour. For about three seconds the cone of fire enveloped the thugs until the smaller boy cut of the flames and returned to an upright stance. Where the three thugs had been a few seconds ago now stood a pack patch of soot and a small, neat little pile of ash.

Seeing this the other thugs froze for a couple of seconds. Until one of them let out a shrill, girly scream and fled with the other two hot on his heels.

Throughout this brief conflict the taller boy had remained standing exactly as he was without a hint of expression on his face. He now turned to the smaller boy and in an exasperated tone, muttered "Way to go Kain."

The smaller boy turned to the taller one and replied "What?"

"They could have been helpful, but you had to go and incinerate them!"

"How would they have been helpful?"

"They knew their way around this place, we could have avoided wasting our time wandering around this god forsaken town trying to find our target!"

"Oh lighten up Zoru." Kain chuckled. "It's not exactly going to take forever to find the loudest place around, and I'm sure our targets going to be at the center of the commotion."

"You have no way of knowing that!" Zoru replied. "As one of the Fire Lords elite assassins you should know better than this!"

"Oh lighten up bro." Kain chirped as he began striding off down toward the distant sounds of raised voices "You don't have to report every little mistake I make to the Inferno Convent."

"I wouldn't if you didn't make so many!" Zoru retorted as he caught up with Kain. "If you weren't my brother I would refuse to work with someone as impulsive as you!"

Kain laughed. A light, rich sound that showed a long time spent receiving vocal tuition. Zoru's stern, emotionless face final cracked and he to began to smile as the pair headed off towards the echo's of distant shouting.

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