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The team left the palace to go eat some lunch. The sky in Ba Sing Se looked gray. "We better go indoors somewhere, cause it looks like its going to rain" said Sokka. Just then the group walked by Iroh's tea shop. The Jasmine Dragon was the most famous and costly tea shop in the city. Only Upper-Class citizens could afford to buy Iroh's incredible tea. Iroh, had just closed the tea shop and was on his way out because of the incoming storm. "Uncle! called out Zuko inside the tea shop. "Uncle Iroh!" he repeated. Iroh didn't answer. "Uncle, I know your hear" said Azula. Iroh then came out from the kitchen at the back of the counter. "Sorry everyone, but I saw you enter and went to prepare some fine tea and some fire flake cakes." said Iroh with a welcoming smile. Then he looked at Azula who was standing behind Zuko. "What are you doing here my dear crazy niece" he said. Iroh then generated lightning at Azula. She blocked it and grabbed Iroh's hands. "Guards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Iroh. The guards ran up to Azula on tossed her out into the rain. They then locked the door and left. "Uncle, I should tell you that Azula has changed. She begged for my forgiveness and even offered to be imprisoned at my palace" explained Zuko. Azula could be seen in the background yelling like a crazy woman. He firebended at the door, however the flames just made her blast even further from the shop. "Haha" giggled Toph and Katara as they watched Azula. Iroh then let Azula back in. Azula begged for his forgiveness and Iroh eventually forgave her.

Then Iroh looked at Shiungi. Iroh and Shiungi were about the same age and had to same kind of personality. They starred at each other and then started talking. "This is maybe a new relationship" humorisly said Aang. However, Iroh then returned to the group. The group then explained the journey so far and the plot. "So, the capital city has been conquered" said Iroh. "Zuko, how could you let them capture the Capital City. The Fire Nation's honor has to be restored but by who!?" yelled Iroh at Zuko. "Uncle, I would never let the honor of our nation be destroyed. And I didn't even know about the invasion until the night before it!" yelled Zuko. "Iroh, its not his fault, its mine" said Aang. "I promise to restore a balance between all nations" said Aang. "Very well, I trust you" replied Iroh. "I will also leave to the palace with you to help plan with the King" said Iroh.

After the short meal and drink, they all ran to the palace. The storm was beginning to get furious with lightning bolts shooting at the city. One bolt shoot directly at the group as they were running. However, Iroh redirected it and they continued running. Katara also tried to bend the water from above into a puddle over there heads. However, this decreased the pace at which they were running. When the team finally got to the palace, they were soaking wet. "Hold still everyone" said Katara. Katara then bended the water from everyone's clothes out.

The group enteredt the palace and then to Kuei's throne room. "Welcome back everyone" said the Earth King. "Ah, hello Iroh The Finest Tea Maker! Glad to see that your helping" said the King. The King then introduced the team to his new highest-ranking general council. He told them that they were simply called the "Earth Council". The entire council then approached the King's throne and bowed to him. The council included Generals Sung, Howe, Shio, and two other unknown generals. Kuei's advisor Di Yang then entered the room as well. They then sat down on some cushions next to the team. They then prepared to have a War meeting.

General Howe, took out a plan scroll and unfolded it on a piece of scolpted wood. "We should invade Zu Sing Se at night, this way the Savior of Fire forces are caught off guard." started off General Howe. "We can invade actually in one week from today. This would give us enough time to prepare the Earth Military and also regroup aid from the Water Tribes" suggested Di Yang. "The Earth Military can invade the island. While the Water Tribe forces siege over the waters of the island" said General Shio. "What about Ba Sing Se, what if the Saviors are currently deploying rebels to the Earth Kingdom. It only takes one week to get from the Gaoling to Ba Sing Se." said General Sung in concerns. "What are you suggesting that we do General Sung?" said Earth King Kuei. "We would have to set up a defensive position in case of any suprise attack while the military is off at Zu Singe" said General Sung. "That is true, however, if we quickly defeat the HQ at Zu Singe during the night, the incoming Savior forces would have to retreat to the Capital City. We could then plan a liberation battle of the Capital City" said Sokka. "Very well, does everyone agree with invading Zu Sing Se but leaving half of the Earth forces here to set a defensive position at the wall ?" asked the Earth King. "Yes!" said everyone. "Very well, now all dismissed and start preparing. Call the allied Water Tribe forces for aid" said the King. "Thank You Earth King" said everyone.

When the general left the room, the Earth King told the team to go have some rest for the next week. To go out and enjoy themselves. Everyone seemed at was going to turn out alright. Finally, the allies had their striking opportunity.

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