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Plan Execution Part 3
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A Family Reborn



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Blueflame 1

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July 29th 2012

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Plan Execution Part2

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The Beginning or The End

"Guys we've been walking for hours, why can't we just fly over the mountains?" Sokka complained.

"Sokka we've only been walking for a few minutes and if we fly over he mountains Azula would see us!" Toph reasoned, while Zuko worried about his mother's situation.

"Zuko, what's the matter?" Katara asked, and she was quickly answered.

"My mother is alone in the Fire Nation palace, Peace Day is about to begin and Azula could get there before us and ruin everything....and my mother has no protection from Azula, yet we're stuck here chasing after her and we don't even know if this is where she is!... I need to protect my mother.... I can't loose her again..."

"Zuko everything will be fine I won't allow you to loose your mother again and Peace Day will be fine" Aang said but, was quickly cut off.

"Peace Day... PEACE DAY!... there is NO PEACE IN THE FIRE NATION AND THERE NEVER WILL BE!!!" "I will find Azula and make sure she doesn't hurt my mother..". "Listen Zuko you worry too much" Mai argued, while, they walked through a valley.

Before things could get worse Toph shouted "Stop it's a trap!". Pillars shot from the walls across, one after the other, Ty Lee easily dogging them trying to get across. Toph tried using earth bending, but there was conflict.

"Someone powerful is earth bending the pillars" Toph said, but strangely I recognize this style of earth bending.... Long Feng used to bend like this!"

Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap "The girl deserves a round of applause for figuring it out!". Long Feng teased, then, punched into the ground, shaking it, causing everyone but Toph and Ty Lee to fall.

Ty lee looked at her surroundings and saw the hair piece Azula wore and shouted "Guys Azula was here, look a piece of her clothes."

Long Feng struck Ty Lee with a powerful blow, causing her to fall down and hurt her foot. Katara rushed over to help while the others fought. Katara had finally tried to bring water out of the thin air and she succeeded, she began healing Ty Lee. Mai saw Ty lee got hurt and shot her darts at Long Feng, making him fall down. "You can't hurt my best friend!" Mai attacked. In the distance you could see Azula walking toward Long Feng angrily next to Hama.

The two had to form an uneasy relationship with Team Avatar, to defeat Long Feng and Combustion Man, who just appeared and began to shoot bolts from higher ground.

Combustion Man shot one deadly blast at Zuko, looking forward to getting revenge, with that Azula jumped in front of her brother and shot lightning at Combustion Mans eye striking the blast and sending it straight back at Combustion Man hitting his third eye. He immediately yelled in pain and fell to the ground. Hama snuck behind and bloodbended Long Feng and Combustion Man.

She and Azula got up and Azula said, "So long ZuZu" and the two were off running towards the Fire Nation Palace.

Katara was done healing Ty Lee and then Team Avatar headed for the Palace......



First up the presentation of the


Where is Zuko the royal anthem is playing and right after someone has to bend all four elements! Ursa thought while pacing nervously.

The anthem had just finished and the announcer, spoke.

Now the presentation of the four ELEMENTS

"Water" Somehow the water was bent and Ursa watched in shock!

"Earth" The earth was also bent.

"Fire" Ursa watched in hope and saw he red hot fire bended then.

"Air" then air was bended and Aang appeared from behind the curtains in front of the crowd. The crowd applauded and Zuko, Toph and Katara came and reassured Ursa that everything was okay.

Mai and Ty Lee protected the crowd in case Azula showed up.

Now a speech from our esteemed Fire Lord ZUKO! everyone bowed and Zuko walked out and began to speak.

"People of four nations, we have gathered here to celebrate the victory of a war that went on a hundred years long.... the war was a hundred years too long!...The Avatar defeated Fire Lord Ozai, ultimately wining this war! We are the people of a brighter World.... I would like to bring out just some of the people who deserve credit for this victory. (Team Avatar stepped out) This is the beginning of a new era of Peace and Prosperity.... We are now free! WE HAVE FINALLY ACHIEVED PEACE!!!!!!. The crowd cheered and applauded.

"Yes you have achieved peace haven't you Zuzu" Azula struck lightning at the podium her brother stood at and flipped down in front of the crowd and laughed evilly. "PEACE! I will have peace Zuko as soon as you are dead!!!!!!"

Is there really PEACE anywhere?........

Dragon Royalty Ozai-sprite Flame

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