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A Family Reborn



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July 27th 2012

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Ursa paced around her room, anxiously waiting for some kind of message about her son. She was never an ill tempered person, but today she could not help it. Ursa thought to herself Where is my son? Is he okay? What about the peace day? When will they come back? THEY DEFINITELY DID NOT LEAVE ME TO HANDEL PEACE DAY ON MY OWN!.

The Peace Day celebration was scheduled to begin in an hour and tents were nearly put up by the guards, only finishing touches were being made. People began lining up outside, anxious for the opening, expecting to hear a speech from the Fire Lord and Avatar. Ursa decided to get dressed and she had no choice but to come up with a speech. A Fire Nation guard came up to her quarters and knocked on her door, she walked up slowly and opened it.

"Ma'am I am sorry to disturb you, but we need to speak with the Avatar and Fire Lord about the speech."

Ursa wondered what she could say but she could not come up with any reasonable answer to give the man for the Avatar's absence. Ursa managed to salvage some words

"The Avatar is now preparing to speak in front of the crowd of people and cannot be disturbed, I will take a message."

"Okay... The Avatar needs to know that the ceremony will begin with presentation of all the elements, Thank you." The guard said, then he walked away. Ursa was in terror how was she going to bend all the elements!.......

"Her nose is damaged...." June said wiping the tears from her eyes, then standing up.

"She's gonna be alright June" Katara sympathized.

"I knew someone would get hurt!" Zuko said while blaming himself for the tragedy.

"Look Zuko it's not your fault she got hurt" June said kindly putting on a smile.

"Thanks but it is, if I had been smart enough not to bring Azula to see my mother then none of this would have happened." Zuko argued

"Look, Zuko you were doing the right thing, if I had a chance to see my mom again I would have brought my brother along too even if he was evil." Katara said. Mai and Ty Lee aided Nyla with June.

"I hate to make things worse, but Combustion Main is gone!!" Toph said.

"And to make things even worse we can't track Azula or get back for the Peace Day celebration!" Sokka continued.

Zuko tried to make sense of where Azula was and then it hit him!

"I know where Azula is....." with that everyone turned aroung looking at Zuko and he continued,"On the day of the eclipse, I left the Fire Nation using a secret entrance to the Fire Nation which passes through the mountains." With that they departed for the mountains while June and Nyla went back to their village to get aid from a doctor.........

Azula used her fire as a jet to get through the mountains faster.

"Long Feng, I have Hama, attack now!"

Pillars of earth shot out of the valley Azula was in, she flew past all dogging them, turned around with an angry look on her face and to her shock Long Feng stood the shooting earth at her. She spread blue flames at every attack made and started flying off. The battle was intense when Long Feng used the earth as a body shield and creating two pillars shooting him forward every time. Azula shot lightning at the pillar he stood on causing him to fall back. She then looked ahead and slammed straight into a pillar of earth knocking her unconscious

The last thing she saw was Long Feng's face bearing an evil smirk........

Dragon Royalty Ozai-sprite Flame

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