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Plan Execution
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A Family Reborn



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July 26 2012

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Plan Execution Part2

On the newspapers, in bold print was,



"How did we manage to miss something like this?! huh!" Sokka complained when he showed the rest of the group he headlines.

"Our peace day and yet we're chasing a crazy girl around the place! No offense Zuko". Continued Sokka.

Zuko was not displeased with the name calling, he was more concerned about his mother, hosting the Peace Day. Zuko took his arm from around Mai and brought the question to life and received no answers, the group could not go back to the Fire Nation now they would never make it in time, plus Azula would be still out there. So Toph suggested they send a letter to the Fire Nation with the Avatars mark on it to make sure it gets read urgently, considering the amount of letters sent to the Fire Nation especially on a day like today. Ty Lee got the paper and wrote it with Katara. June came outside in her hunting outfit and asked,

"You guys ready?". With that the team got up and went towards Nyla, where Zuko took out Azula's hair brush, (he took from her room while they cleaned out the rooms after the war ended), and gave Nyla to smell, Nyla immediately got the sent and she lead them towards the village Hama lived in.......

"To get to the Fire Nation I will have to take the mountain route."Azula said while pacing. "Because of that you will be tasked with stopping Team Avatar from getting in my way......with that I will give you your posts....". The team looked at each other pondering on who will be placed where?.

Azula continued "Combustion Man you will go to he village where Hama lived and stop Team Avatar." "Long Feng, if they are able to defeat Combustion Man,although they better not!, then you will be sure to stop them at the mountains.". "Hama you will stay with me, if Team Avatar manage to pass both of them Someone needs to fight while I escape,the Fire Nation is open to the public today with no guards suspecting an attack when I claim the throne everything will fall into place.".

Everyone agreed and Combustion Man and Long Feng took off for their posts. "Hama before you leave....."Azula began and then Hama turned around watching suspiciously,"...I don't trust them....Keep an eye on both of them, especially Long Feng!.." Azula finished. Azula was more than confident that Long Feng was not in the game to serve her....and she was right.

"I'll be sure to to keep an eye out for any treacherous acts.". Hama said then smiled and walked away.

Team Avatar finally reached toward the village and Combustion Man saw them and shot blasts at them throwing them to the ground. The team and Combustion Man engaged in a heated battle with Aang created swirls of air and blasting them at the enemy, while Katara tested out her new skill of getting water out of the plants around her and then attacking Combustion Man. Ty Lee tried to get close to him while Mai shot her darts at him slowing him down. Sokka used his boomerang and Toph shot piles of wet earth at Combustion Man. Ty Lee got close enough to the enemy and struck him a blow in his eye before his next attempt at an attack. He fell to the ground in pain. Angered by his defeat he shot a fatal blast at Nyla,sending her across the ground and damaging her sense of smell. Combustion Man got away while the team watched in shock at the injured Nyla.

June ran towards her pet in tears, June's first sight of true passion towards anyone........

Dragon Royalty Ozai-sprite Flame

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