By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
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Gaining the Tri PT2

Plague is a high-ranking member of the S.C.P. He actually used to be an experiment himself, much like many of the S.C.P's in the S.C.P Foundation. However he managed to prove himself more than just an experiment when he demonstrated his chemical intelligence. This promoted him to chemical testing and he tested many of his "plagues" on different worlds, often resulting in zombie outbreaks. One of these tests caused Adjula to mutate into a monster then a normal dog, and he took him in as a pet as he continued his tests. Most of his studies are testing what diseases have what effect.

Avatar: New Universe II

Arc 2

Plague first appears in the TT Universe alongside Terror Blade to find and kidnap the Titans East. It was he who had to use his newly invented sleeping gas on the Titans, and personally blasted it at Bumblebee so she can remain knocked out as they were transported to the Foundation.

Arc 3

Plague appears again when he checks on Smile dog and Ghost with their machine. He knew already about why they made it so he added a special formula to the mixture inside before feeding it to Toph. He explains on how the formula can make a creature double in weight, as he tested it on the cows in one of the chambers beforehand.

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