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Chapter 5

Aang steered Appa around the island in a circle. The only place that wasn't burning was near their docks where a large metal ship was docked. Typically the Fire Nation had metal ships in their Navy but this one looked different, as though it hadn't seen much repair in the last few years.

"Rogue Fire Nation soldiers?" Aang called back to Gyatso.

"It appears so. I wonder what provoked them to start such a large fire. Come Aang, I will help you extinguish these flames."

Appa landed on one of the docks and Aang immediately flung a wave of water over the flames, but the wave wasn't large enough and most of it turned to steam before it even hit the flames.

"Gyatso my Waterbending isn't strong enough!"

"Air will only feed flames this strong," the Elder Monk said as he paused to think a moment, "I have an idea, follow my lead."

Gyatso whipped up a large size orb of air and let it sink below the surface of the harbor. When he brought it above the surface it was filled with several gallons of water. Quickly Gyatso flung the orb over a group of houses. The water splashed down and put out a large portion of the fire. It didn't take long for the pair to put out most of the flames.

"We have to find those responsible," Aang said angrily.

"Don't hurt yourself pipsqueak," said a voice behind Aang. Both Airbenders turned around to see a tall, muscular man exiting the ship. "I don't take it well when people won't help us. We need some supplies and they called us pirates," he chuckled, "Pirates is such a harsh term, I prefer bandit myself, sounds classier."

"You nearly destroyed this whole village because they wouldn't give into your demands?"

"So what of it, I've done the same to a few others, it's what we do. Sooner or later people will give us what we want without a fight and no one gets hurt. Only one town got spared because of some meddlesome Airbender. He was a bit older than you and a lot younger than you."

"That's not fair!" Aang cried out. "You can't just run around hurting people if they don't do what you want."

"I think I've made it clear I do not care."

Gyatso shifted slightly at Aang's side but remained still and silent otherwise. "And what about you old man? Don't you care??"

Gyatso continued his statue-like appearance. This seemed to be the first thing to tick the man off.

"I am talking to you! Do not ignore me!"

The following scene appeared to move extremely slow yet fast at the same time for Aang. The man threw his arm back, creating a fire whip in the process. He brought it forward to lash out at Gyatso but before it so much as got halfway to its destination Gyatso vanished.

"Uh...wha.." The man stood confused. He turned around and found Gyatso standing before him.

"How did you do that?!" roared the pirate. Again he attempted to attack Gyatso but this time Gyatso didn't flee but rather struck his palm out square into the man's chest. A loud rustling echoed off of the metal ship, an instant later the pirate was flying through the air. He cleared the railing of his ship and landed in a crumpled heap on the deck.

Once he untangled himself from himself the Captain began swearing up a storm. All that commotion had brought about his crew to top deck. The angry Firebender shouted a few orders and immediately the crew stormed down the same ramp, fists ablaze.

"Prepare yourself Aang, it would appear we disturbed the vulturewasps' nest."

Several volleys of fire shot towards them. Aang swung his staff out in front of him and blew the fireballs harmlessly into the water. Three of the crew members converged on Gyatso once they reached the pair. It appeared the Elder Monk was toying with them until a slim one jabbed Gyatso in the arm several times. It suddenly got serious when Gyatso's arm went limp, the Elder got an ominous look on his face and blasted away two of the men with a vicious slice of air. But his attacker got him in the other arm. Gyatso responded by inhaling deeply and blowing the man off his feet, unfortunately Gyatso flew back several feet and couldn't keep his balance.

The two men he had previous blown away ran up to him only to be launched into the water by a couple of air blasts Gyatso managed from his feet. Aang ran towards Gyatso but was halted by a wall of fire, once he cleared it he saw at least four or five men around Gyatso. The Elder Monk appeared to be struggling with so many people and only one usable arm. One of the men drew back his hand and created a large fireball.

"This'll teach ya to mess with us," he cackled.

In an instant Aang felt his anger spike and along with it something odd happened. Just like a month ago when he was in danger of drowning, Aang's vision went white and the power flowing through his body was tremendous. He felt himself bend water with ease and bring it crashing into the pirates without harming Gyatso. The Captain attempt to fire at Aang but he only caught the fireball and doubled its size before shooting it into the hull of the ship. Screeching metal, combined with a fiery explosion filled the night air.

Aang could feel himself hovering by way of an Air Spout, he surveyed his surrounding and determined the pirates had fled and Gyatso appeared to be safe. The Elder Monk had gotten to his feet and his arms were moving, even if they did appear very sluggish. Upon seeing this Aang felt the power slowly drain from his limbs and he settled down at the end of the dock. He look towards Gyatso and smiled.

"You're okay," he smiled, Gyatso nodded and returned the smile. And that was the last thing Aang remember of that night before he passed out.

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