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November 19, 2011

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Pirate Trouble is the seventh chapter of the fanon series Avatar: Legend Of Fire.


The companions run into some trouble with pirates.


Takeo was frozen cold, he couldn't move his arms and his stiffs legs seemed to be walking on their own. His hands would have been shaking with fear, but the bulky pirate was holding them tightly in his grip as he pulled Takeo below deck again. The Avatar gulped, he looked at his reflection in the sword that was at his throat and didn't even dare breathe loudly. He took slow, weak breaths, a sudden move might set off the pirate and he could slit Takeo's throat before he even blinked and that was something Tak didn't want to happen. He couldn't think straight, it was only one pirate, but he was armed, but he was the Avatar... no his mind focused only on the sword and his legs moved by themselves as they passed the small cargo room and walked into another room, where Takeo saw three cages and inside them, like some sort of wild animals, were the sailors and passengers of the ship and Jin, who facepalmed when he saw a captured Takeo.

He opened one of the cages, inside of which sat a sailor and the other elderly man who was a passenger aboard the ship. He stuck his sword out to both of the men to make sure they didn't move as he pushed Takeo into the cage and slammed it shut behind him. He laughed as he walked out of the room. As soon as he closed the door behind himself the whole room went dark, it was hard to see anything at all. "Nice job." Jin's voice cut the silence, out of the darkness of the adjacent cage that stood only a few meters away. The ship creaked in the silence of the room; Takeo could hear Hana and her mother sobbing quietly, one of the brothers trying to calm the other and the sailors panicking silently to their captain. Tak Gripped the iron bars of the cage tightly.

"Me...? You were supposed to be the tough guy here!" Takeo retorted finally

"They ambushed me when I was unarmed, a swordfighter isn't much without his sword now, is he?!" Jinshouted, their voices were the only ones in the entire dark room.

"Well, what's your plan to get us out of here then?" Takeo asked, trying to calm down.

"My plan?!" Jin shouted, genuinely insulted "You're supposed to be the Avatar here, not me!" as soon as the words left his mouth, he clenched his teeth and covered his face with his hands "Oops." Then, the whole room fell silent for a long moment, until finally.

"You're... the Avatar?" the sailor that was in the same cage with Takeo asked loudly, his eyes examining him, going up and down and then widening. "Help us!" he muttered.

"The Avatar?" the old captain asked as he squinted in the darkness "You're the Avatar?!" that sounded more of an insult than anything else "Well, then what are you waiting for, do something!"

"Please, help us!" Hana's mother squealed in the darkness and a barrage of similar requests followed.

"Please mister Avatar, do something." Hana's young, high pitched voice finally came out of the dark. She was obviously crying and it only further pushed Takeo into a sate of depression. He looked at all of them, the people in the cage with him, who stared at him as if waiting for him to say something and everyone else in the other cages, pressing against the bars and looking at him, as if they were certain they would be safe if they were closer to him.

Takeo kept silent; he gulped and opened his mouth to say something, but closed it again and lowered his head.

"Wait a second... Have you ever even been outside of the Fire Nation? You're not an Avatar yet, you're just a kid!" the old captain shouted and turned away back to his scheming of an escape plot, yet everyone else kept staring at him.

"Mommy, I'm scared..." Hana muttered in a muffled voiced as she pressed her crying face against her mothers arm. Everyone kept looking at him

"Well?" Jin asked, in an irritated loud tone "Are you just going to sit there?" and Takeo lowered his head.

"But what can I do? I'm just one kid... I'm no Avatar, I never asked for any of this

...Why is everyone looking at me, expecting me to save them, I can't help them...

How am I supposed to fight a whole crew of pirates?

Jin... Please... Say something.'"

Takeo gulped again and looked up; everyone had gone silent, even in the darkness he could see the young Hana crying in her mothers arm. He looked at them for a moment, when Hana's mother turned to him, her tear filled eyes looked directly into the Avatars and he felt something click inside of him. He got a bit choked up, he never had a mother... he remembered nothing about her, just maybe...

Her eyes

Takeo gulped again and looked directly at Jin, his eyes flared with determination, he could feel his heart beat grow faster in his chest, he was the Avatar. He could do this.

"Jin." Takeo spoke calmly "How many of them did you count?"

Jin smirked, a smug long smile before answered nonchalantly "About thirty." His tone was even further fuel for Tak. "But, I won't be much help without my sword."

"There's an armory in the room right outside of this one, I saw one of the pirates carry your sword there." the old captain finally spoke, pulled into the conversation again, he seemed to have regained hope as well "My men aren't soldiers, but we've seen our fair share of pirates, we'll help!"

"We'll need to unhook the chains that they're using to pull our ship, otherwise we can't escape them." the sailor sitting in the cage with Takeo noted and the Avatar nodded.

"Let's go." Takeo said firmly and loudly, so everyone could hear him. He then heard the rattle of the cages as everyone sat up in the relatively small cages and waited for Tak to do something. He gulped again. The cages. Right. He had forgotten all about the cages. But, an idea quickly popped into his head and Takeo scooted over to the lock. He took it with both hands and gripped it tightly. He took a deep breath and exhaled, repeating the process a few times before closing his eyes tightly and concentrating. He felt the heat from his arms move to his palms, shivers went all over his body as he felt the lock grow hotter and hotter in his palms, but it didn't affect him. He was a Firebender, after all. He took another deep breath and exhaled and with that, the lock had melted its mechanism and Takeo threw it to the ground before kicking the cage door open, crawling out and standing onto his two feet.

"Firebenders!" Takeo exclaimed "Do as I just did!" he brought his fist up into the air, but the few Firebending sailors only exchanged glances and looked at the locks. One or two actually cupped it in their hands; tried pulling and squishing it, but nothing happened, then finally, one of them asked.

"How exactly, did you do that?" he scratched the back of his head.

"Well, um... I just kinda..." he didn't know how to answer that question; he rubbed the back of his neck as he tried to think of a way to explain in. It was natural for him, almost like breathing.

"You don't even know, do you?" Jin asked smugly. "I knew it, you're useless."

"Could you stop annoying me for a minute and let me think?!"

"I didn't know you were capable of thinking, to tell you the truth."

"That's it!" Takeo rushed over to Jin's cage and in a similar fashion, but faster with more ferocity; he ripped the lock off of the cage. Before he could even realize what he did, Jin kicked the cage doors open, slamming Takeo backward onto his back. The passengers climbed out of the small cage quickly.

"Tha-"Takeo tried to say something as Jin stretched his hand out to help the Avatar up. Takeo was at first thrown off by such a gesture, but then he smiled and took Jin's hand and the guard pulled him up to his feet, though Tak still stood a few inches shorter than the fighter. "That was your plan all along... wasn't it?" Takeo asked in an irritated and tired tone.

"Yep." Jin answered nonchalantly and turned his head to the last cage "Free the rest of the sailors, I'll go get my sword and we'll take back the ship, eh, and the day had started out so nice..." Jin trailed off as he left the room.

The Attack

The attack itself was a rather hard thing to organize. Takeo at first had to help the captain calm down all of the sailors because after they got their weapons from the armory, they wanted to immediately charge out to the deck and fight. Yet it was obvious that by using such a tactic they might be too quickly overwhelmed. They were also short on time; they didn't know when the pirates would decide to check up on them and because of that, they might have been caught at any second. They discussed for a long while until eventually Jin spoke.

"Okay, it's decided." They all had kneeled down and were whispering, in case the guards heard "The Women and children stay here, you." He tapped the wooden floor and then he pointed at the captain "Take your men up by the other exit and attack them from the other side, me and the rest of the men will attack from the main entrance to the hold, we'll surround them that might even out the odds." The captain nodded, stood up and pointed at ten of the nearly twenty men, they all stood, picked up their weapons (which ranged from daggers and swords to spears and simply shields) and followed the captain as he led them through of the corridors.

"What do I do?" Takeo asked, somewhat excited yet scared.

"The women and children stay he-"

"Oh, very funny." Takeo frowned as he followed Jin group towards the exit of the hold.

When they reached the entrance to the hold, Jin and some of the men climbed some of the stairs, squatting near the hatch, and lifting it an inch up so they could see the deck. Light poured into the dark inside of the ship, it blinded Takeo for a moment, he hadn't realized the sun had come up by the time they had formulated this plan, then again, they were sailing so short days were a given. Jin turned back to the men, nodded and silently began counting to three.

"One... two... Three!" he screamed the last number as he pushed the hatch with full strength and sent it slamming into the deck, opening a large tunnel of light into the men's eyes. However, nobody was dazed; everyone screamed and charged out into the deck. Tak froze up for a moment, taking a deep breath and rushing out after a few seconds into the deck as well. Once outside, he saw carnage. The pirates and sailors were clashing violently, every now and again a loud scream of pain would be heard and someone would fall dead, or injured. Blood splattered through the large group and in a minute after their charge, the other group of sailors charged from behind, screaming as loudly as the first group had.

Takeo threw some fireballs, not really watching where he was throwing them, but at the same time making sure that the direction he was swinging in didn't contain any sailors. He saw one of his fireballs land directly into the face of the bulky pirate that had captured him, the large man screamed in pain, fell to the deck and a second later, a sailor stabbed him with a spear, ending his pain.

The Avatar turned around quickly to the sound of the creaking wood, and sure enough a pirate was behind him, he swung his sword in a wide arc and Takeo covered his head with his hands. The sword landed into the armguards and pushed Tak down to the ground. The Avatar sat up, but before he could do much else he looked up and saw the pirate bringing the sword down to his face. And Jin's smug face flashed in his eyes.

"'s a tip, next time you're about to die, do something, don't just close your eyes and take it."

Takeo clenched his teeth, rolled onto his shoulders and kicked the pirate in the stomach while the sword was still above his head. He doubled over and staggered backward, the air had left his lungs and he clutched his stomach in pain. Tak turned around and began to crawl away as quickly as possible, but turned around to see the pirate coming at him again. He fell to his back and sent his hands out, releasing a blast of fire directly into the pirate, who had gotten just a few feet shy of standing above the Avatar. The flames slammed into him, the pirate dropped his sword and screamed as violent burns and flames spread through his body and his clothes were consumed by the flames. He staggered around the deck until eventually managing to roll over the railing and fall into the ocean below. Takeo gasped; he took in a deep breath and rolled back onto his stomach. He looked up to see the fight still going on, pirates and sailors clashing in a cloud of blood and screams and fire.

He saw Jin, who was bravely fighting several pirates at once, his face angry and concentrated, he held his jian with such grace that it was hard to imagine him killing someone with it, but he did. Jin was fighting four if not more pirates at once, parrying their blows, dispersing their fireballs and killing them with a slash or a thrust of his jian. Blood splattered all around him and one pirate charged at him with a mace and a shield, from behind.

"Jin, look out!" Takeo heard himself scream, but over the sounds of battle he wasn't sure if Jin had heard him, regardless, Jin pushed away a pirate that was in front of him and turned around just in time to look at the pirate with the mace. As the pirate swung his mace, Jin ducked under his blow and spun his jian into the air. The pirate screamed as a bloody hand, clutching the mace, fell onto the deck. He let go of the shield and fell to his knees, screaming, but before he could get too loud, Jin trust the tip of his jian into the man's throat. He choked and fell silent, dark blood gushed out of his mouth and throat after Jin pulled it out violently, kicking the pirate in the face.

The pirate that Jin had pushed back charged him, but Jin spun around with such speed and ferocity that it even startled Tak. In his first spin, he slashed the pirate in his stomach and in his second spin sliced him diagonally against his body. With a burst of a stream of blood, the pirate fell backwards, dead. And then, two others charged, both holding swords. They surrounded Jin, but before they could do anything, Jin acted. He thrust his sword forward and as the pirate swung his sword to block; he pulled it back and thrust it again, stabbing the pirate directly into the left side of his chest. The pirate behind Jin swung the sword from left to right. Jin spun forward dodging the slash. The pirate slashed again, this time from right to left. Jin stepped back, avoiding the blade with easy. The third time, the pirate swung from left to right again, but this time, Jin jumped forward, passing his opponents sword and landing at the length of his elbows. The pirate's hands stopped mid air and his face shifted with pain and horror. He looked down and Jin's sword had pierced his stomach. The sword fell against the wooden and the pirate fell backwards, landing with a loud thud. Jin was covered in blood, though thankfully, it wasn't his- it belonged to the pirates. Despite the way he acted, Tak was happy that Jin was okay.

Tak pushed himself up and as he did he heard a loud scream. A squeal, a sound that was impossible for a grown man to make. No, this squeal belonged to that of a little girl and Takeo turned to the direction immediately, his face was stricken with grief. It was the pirate that the others referred to as captain. In his right hand he held a bloody sword and in his left, he was holding Hana by her neck, tightly. The sailors that had surrounded the captain all threw down their weapons and the captain retreated, still holding Hana. He came up to the mainmast; he was laughing like a maniac as he tied one of the ropes around his elbow and swung at it. The man was propelled upwards with great speed and landed into the crow's nest, a structure of the mast that was used as a lookout point; Tak remembered that from his lessons.

"No... please" Takeo muttered under his breath as he sprinted to the mainmast. Three pirates charged at him, but before he could turn his attention to them, Jin jumped between him and them. He slashed violently at them with his jian, making them step back

"Go, I'll hold them off!" Jin screamed loudly as he charged at the pirates.

Takeo tried to climb, but the mast was smooth and slippery from the night's rain, he slid down it like a slide, and there was no rope that could take him up to the nest. He looked around and when he saw the futtock shrouds he immediately realized what he had to do. He ran towards them and jumped, landing directly into of them and gripping tightly the rope, chain and net structure, he began to climb it like a ladder, placing his hands and feet carefully to make sure he didn't fall. His feet slipped a couple of times, but his hands held him in place as he climbed. As the ship tumbled in the waves, water splashed onto Takeo, but he had to hold on. He couldn't let Hana get hurt, he was the Avatar, and he had to save her. Please, don't let him hurt her, please. He begged as he climbed. The ship shook violently as the pirate ship in front of theirs came to a stop; Tak fell a few inches but managed to grasp one of the ropes in time to pull himself back up. The two ships collided, though with not too much force, leaving both of them intact. He saw the pirates from the other ship beginning to rush towards the traveler's ship and knew that they would be overwhelmed. He looked down towards the deck, only now realizing how high up he was.

His hands began to shake. He was never good at doing pull ups, but he couldn't fall. Please. Tak grunted and kept climbing. He looked down every few seconds to see the battle still going on. As the pirates charged out from the other ship, Jin rushed directly towards them, swinging his jian.

"Come and get it!" He shouted at them.

Takeo kept climbing, until eventually he reached the spar of the mast and gripped it tightly. He pulled himself up, trying to find a good place to set his feet but felt only the cloth of the sail. When he finally placed his feet sturdily onto the wooden spar, he stretched his hands out to the side for balance slowly began walking towards the crows nest, but he fell. His arms wrapped around the spar as he looked forward into the wooden railings of the crows nest where the captain stood, his sword drawn and his hand clutching Hana. He was looking down at the deck, not even noticing that Tak was slowly crawling towards the small round structure.

When he finally reached it, he sat up onto his knees and placed his hands on the railing, pushing himself up and stepping inside of it, on the other side of the mast of the captain and Hana. He circled, coming up from the captains left, where he held Hana. The second the captain saw Tak, he jumped back a bit and swung his sword at him, but Tak was ready, he was determined, he was the Avatar, and he had to save Hana. He blocked the blade with his armguards and pushed it back, rushing directly into the captain and, making sure to be careful not to hurt Hana, he slammed directly into him and sent him against the railing. The captain stumbled, Hana screamed and Takeo threw a fireball. The captain dodged it by sidestepping and sent another stab at Takeo, who stepped back and sent another fireball. The captain began to retreat, circling the mast while sending stabs at Tak. They walked around the mast a couple of times until the captain shouted.


He kicked the side of the railing and it opened up like a door, he jumped out onto the thick long stretch of wood that looked like a log and walked along the spar, looking at Tak and slowly taking steps backward, he clutched Hana tighter to his body. Tak followed him onto the spar, taking slow and careful steps, making sure his balance was alright. Don't look down, don't look down. All he heard were screams and shouts, he begged for Jin to still be alive, but didn't dare look, maybe it was because of the height, or maybe because he knew that if Jin was dead, it was all over.

"Get back!" he swung his sword and pointed it at Tak "I said get back! I'll throw her off the damn mast!" he screamed and Tak couldn't do anything, he took a slow step back.

"Let her go!" Tak commanded his voice meek in comparison to the gruff voice of the captain.

He snorted and began laughing "Oh? Or what?"

"Or Avatar Takeo will beat your butt!" Hana shouted at him, and he clutched her tighter.

"Silence!" he then realized what she said and his face became confused for a second as he looked at the boy in front of him "You?" he asked with a laugh "But you're just a kid!" he laughed louder. And Tak felt the anger boil inside of him. "You know what? Here, you can have her... catch!" and with those words he flung Hana's small body over the side, towards the deck.

"NO!" Takeo screamed as he rushed forward, his feet tripped over one of the ropes and he fell to the mast with a loud thud. His arms wrapped around the wood, desperately trying not to slip and fall as he watched Hana descend towards the deck. Then, everything slowed down. Takeo didn't hear the battle anymore; he only heard Hana's scream and the captain's loud laugh in front of him. Tears began to form in Takeo's eyes as he watched her fall.

You're pathetic...

Avatar Takeo

The Fire Nation's greatest honor...

You look a bit too scrawny to be the Avatar, are you sure they didn't make a mistake?

You? Ha-ha, but you're just a kid!

Your father would be so proud.


Takeo's head lifted from the mast with a surge of emotion. His eyes began to glow a bright blue light, that made the captain stop laughing "No." he stated loudly with a voice full of determination and anger, it sounded like a thousand grown men and women speaking at once, the sound of it frightened the captain so much he let his sword fall from his hands and took a step back, his face ridden with fear. Tak's right hand stretched out forward and a blast of wind spiraled out of his palm. Before the captain could even open his mouth to speak, the blast of wind hit him directly into the chest and sent him flying forward, with incredible force, from the ship to the depths of the ocean below, he fell to his death. Takeo then slid to the side and fell from the mast as well. The wind followed his movements as he fell faster and faster, his hand extended and grabbed the soft delicate arm of the young girl. He pulled her in closer and flipped in the air- landing gracefully and gently on his feet, with a small burst of air, onto the wooden deck of the ship. The battle stopped, everyone looked at Takeo, his eyes glowing, with fluttering the sails violently, the waves crashing against both of the ships.

He took a step forward and everyone began to scream. The pirates ran towards their ship, some dropping their weapons, some just ran with theirs weapons, others jumped over the ships railing to the water, but nothing would help them. Hana slipped from Takeo's grasp and ran somewhere into the ship. The air around the glowing Avatar began to spin wildly, forming a sphere; he was lifted off of the deck and flew forward, over the edge of the ship and he landed into the ocean.

Aang conjures a water spout
He descended a few feet before he began spinning, the water formed around him and he fired up into the sky, with a large waterspout, he hovered over the pirate ship. They all screamed, but before they could react, Tak moved.

His arms began to flail wildly in smooth, quick motions. With a few pushing and pulling motion, the water below the pirate ship began to spin in a circle. He then lifted his hands and a massive wave of water sprouted between the pirate ship and the passenger ship, destroying the chain that held them together and separating both ships, the waved moved forward, pushing the pirate ship violently forward and away from the other ship. The waved splashed onto the deck with great power and ferocity, destroying the railing and sending more than a few pirates to their deaths and carrying some into the depths of the ocean. His spout spun, twisted and landed into the center of the ship, Takeo placed his feet firmly onto the wooden deck and spun the water of his spout around him in a circle. As it spun, spikes of ice formed and fired out of its depths, piercing pirates, wood and ropes as they fired into every direction, then Takeo's swept his hands forward and the water fired, slamming into the mainmast and destroying it, bringing it down onto the pirate ship. Pirates scattered into every direction, Takeo's palms stretched out and pushed forward and as they stretched out, streams of intense, bright red flames fired out of his palms, engulfing the ship as he spun in a circle, sending the flames into everything. The ship had caught fire in many places, the captain's cabin was aflame and all the ropes were slowly burning. Some of the pirates began screaming for mercy, but it was too late. Takeo spun his arms at his side in a circular motion once before pushing them forward and spreading his legs out, below the ship, water pierced the wooden hull and water began to flood the insides of the vessel, all of their cargo, weapons and other items were quickly in the depths of the water and the ship began to slowly descend downward. The hull of the ship began to get slowly covered by ice and Takeo slammed his hands onto the deck.

The wood cracked and water fired out of it like a volcano, surrounding Takeo in a sphere as he went down into the water filled depths of the ship. He spun his arms over his head and the water outside of the ship created another wave, which went over the ship and wrapped itself around it. Then another and another wave and a fourth one and eventually the ship pulled down into the depths of the ocean. When there, Takeo slammed his palms together like he was getting ready to pray and the ship was crushed, it was completely and utterly destroyed, plank by plank the ship exploded with a large burst of water, scattering it's remains into the darkness of the ocean. And then another spout formed under Takeo and brought him out into the sunlight once again, like a wild hurricane he swept over the location in which once stood the pirate ship until he finally fell to the deck of the passenger ship. He landed with a loud thud of air exploding underneath his feet, yet leaving the ship unharmed. Everything fluttered in the violent wind for a moment while Takeo's eyes glowed and then, slowly but surely, the glow from his eyes disappeared and he fell.

After his knees hit the deck of the ship, he looked up; did he just survive the fall from the mast? Oh no... Hana... no, there she was, she stood there in shock. Takeo looked at everyone else, the pirates were gone, he looked around, not a single one of them was still on the ship, and their own ship was gone. Everyone kept looking at him, in complete shock and awe for some reason. He tried to stand, but his body wavered and he fell to his knees again. Did he imagine the whole thing? No... that couldn't be. And then, suddenly, everyone burst out screaming his name and cheering, clapping and singing. Tak was confused for a long moment, even after the sailors ran up to him, picked him and started throwing him into the air, he had no idea what had just happened. While in the air, Tak saw a happy Hana hug her mother and cheer Takeo's name with everyone else, some didn't even know his name, they mispronounced it or some just went completely wrong. Among many "Takeo's" he heard "Tong" and "Tenchi" he also heard a "Tom".

"His name is Takeo!!!" Jin screamed louder than everyone else, apparently unharmed from the battle. He rushed up to Tak, who was just placed back onto his feet.

"Limpy!" Jin screamed, punching him gently on the shoulder "That was awesome; you just annihilated an entire pirate ship, singlehandedly!"

"I... what?" Tak looked around again, his head felt dizzy, pounding, and he could barely breathe every muscle in his body hurt so much he thought they would rupture. Was this his body reacting to the fall from the mast? No, it can't be. Tak tried to detect sarcasm in Jin's voice, but, Jin seemed genuinely happy, impressed and in awe. Suddenly he felt his head spin, the dizziness had taken over his body and the last thing he heard before it all went black was Jin's voice shouting.

"Look out, he's gonna puke!"


It was silent. Here it was always silent. The earth temple hadn't received a visitor in over twenty years, it certainly wouldn't receive one today. The dusty, cracked walls of the temple that were once beautiful art weren't renovated for even longer than that, no, according to the king that was a waste of gold and resources and he said that the sage was lucky that he didn't tear the temple down, because it was homage to the Avatar. No, even the previous Avatar had never come here, this temple was a relic, and so was the sage, he knew it well. Eh, what else could he do? The sat in a lotus position and meditated, his torn, disgusting and dirty robes felt so cold in the wind that escaped through the various cracks in the walls. The few apprentices that he had didn't even come into this part of the temple, no, they were orphans that didn't have anywhere else to go, otherwise the sage would be all alone, as he had no doubt he would leave once they grew old enough.

The sage sighed. He watched the wall on which there previous Avatar's likeness was carved into. "Why couldn't have you killed this one instead? Better keep quiet, my apprentices might sell me out to the guards for a piece of bread... ingrates... and surely they'd hang me, oh indeed, hanging Old Jo after so many years of faithful service. Eh... I hate it here... When I became a sage I thought I'd spent my days lounging around while the apprentices catered to my every whim... why couldn't I have become a doctor like my mother wanted? Eh... I hate the weather... I hate this temple and most of all... I. hate. You." He spat at the carved likeness of the now deceased Avatar. As his spit landed onto the rock wall, the temple began to shake lightly and then suddenly, the Avatar's eyes began to glow an incredibly bright blue light. Old Jo screamed and fell backwards. The light was blinding.

"No, no! Old Jo was merely joking!" but the light became brighter and brighter until the entire room was covered in blue, the apprentices rushed into the room they had sworn they'd never visit.
Tapestry glows

"What's going on in here?!" One of them screamed, a boy of thirteen.

Old Jo merely stood there, his eyes wide and his jaw open. He stood silent for a long moment as he watched the blinding light. He turned to his apprentices slowly, his voice trembling "I... I..." he then shook his head before shouting "What are you standing there for?! Bring me a piece of paper and our best messenger hawk, we have to inform the Earth King at once!" maybe then he'd renovate the temple, maybe he'd give Old Jo a title, Nobleman Jo, he liked the sound of that.

"Inform him of what?" the apprentice asked, scared.

"The Avatar... The Avatar is back!" And every temple in the world stood testament to those words as they shined as bright as the sun and the whole world now knew-
Water Tribe Avatar Temple

The Avatar, is back

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