By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: The Revision continuity.
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"(A:TR) Ep.11: Freedom Fighters"

Pipsqueak is, ironically given his name, the largest key member of the Freedom Fighters.


There isn't much known as to Pipsqueak's behaviour, as he is minor in the storyline much like the other Freedom Fighters. It wasn't exactly clear how he got his name either, since he is mostly large instead of a "pipsqueak". What is known is that he basically follows Jet's commands without much questioning and doesn't like the Fire Nation all that much. Not much else is known.



Much like The Duke, Pipsqueak's past is pretty vague and not much is known. What is known is that he, like the others, had his once peaceful life ruined by the Fire Nation and subsequently joined the Freedom Fighters to fight against them.

Book 1: Water

Pipsqueak first appeared with the group, finding Team Avatar confronted by the Fire Nation. As soon as the signal was given, Pipsqueak attacked the soldiers, eventually driving them off. He mostly stayed aside for the rest of the time, explaining some bit on the history of their base in the meantime. The next day, Pipsqueak joined Smellerbee and Jet in fighting Raiu, but was easily defeated, although he had a log for a weapon to use.

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