By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
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Wedding Day

Pipsqueak is the strongest, and biggest of the Freedom Fighters. He remained a powerful member to the fighters throughout the War, during Jet's passing, and after that too, being the muscle of the group.

Avatar: New Universe 2

He first appears with the other Freedom Fighters Smellerbee, Longshot and The Duke. He was trying to help out Smellerbee when he was introduced by Katara to Toube. At first though he was confused for The Duke, due to the great size difference between the two. After the wedding though, he, Longshot, and Smellerbee were captured by the S.C.P at first for getting Team Avatar out, and then he was thrown into the portal.

Afterwards, he was sent with Smellerbee, Katara and Sokka into the Copper World, in the time of the Ice Age, where they quickly meet up with Grizz. He tries to stand firm, and tried getting Katara back from Bob Cooper, yet in the end he, Sokka and Smellerbee were captured by Grizz for trespassing into his factory, and for disrespecting the Grizz.

After a while, he managed to break away from his binds and fights Grizz until he was recaptured by Ghost and Smile Dog again. but thanks to Pyramid Head, he was able to escape with the others.

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