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December 2,2012

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New Generation


There were eight people who created the earth, four women and four men, they all live in pairs and eventually find each region and form a country with cultural elements and traditions of each.


Kya adventure and Rakka forming The Water Tribe

Northern lights

Kya and Rakka Build the first village in the North pole.

Kya adventure and Rakka form Water Tribe in the North Pole begins by creating a village for him and his family lived, they made a village called village water, which eventually had to have offspring and establish a Water Tribe called "Northern Water Tribe".

After making the race, she and her children learn waterbending together, and became a master at the same time the first waterbenders.

The journey to the South Pole

Some people from the Northern Water Tribe wants to find new areas for their stay, and they will go to the South Pole to find a new life and make a descent there, and made ​​the first village which they named "southern village".

Before heading to the South Pole, they took preparation, and other supplies to live there, and at half way, they rest in the bay Laogai on Earth Kingdom. They eat, drink and prepare to head South Pole, where they train themselves to her waterbending.

After preparing lunch, they left the ship, to continue the journey to the south kutb, after establishing a village, they refer to making a major city like in the North Pole.

Loi's adventure and Pathik forming The Air Nomad

Grinning Pathik

Pathik managed to make a temple.

Pathik initially wanted to put the idea to climb the mountain to the monastery air by flying, and he found a long-tailed animal with horns, he thought of an animal that has a "long tail", and he thought it was the wing, and he teach all the bison to fly, and finally he called the "flying Bison", and after three flying towards the mountain, he found an animal that lived there, that he thought the bat but had a tail, or lemurs have long ears?, and eventually he was given the name "Winged Lemur". After finding a group of lemurs, Pathik bring her up one of the three mountain using bison, and build a temple in the east to the place of residence, which he named "Eastern Air Temple".

Oma adventure and Shu forming The Earth Kingdom

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Suzu adventure and Iroh forming The Fire Nation

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The Legend of Worlds
Pilot Episode
Book One: Water
New Generation – New Animals – The First Element – Created Transportations – Waterbending Master – Neighbors State (The Legend of Worlds)|Neighbors State]] – Advanture to the South Pole – Waterbending Scroll – The Northern and Southern Water Tribe – The Water Tribe
Book Two: Earth
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Book Three: Fire
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Book Four: Air
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