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The New World
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Only the Avatar can master all four elements and bring balance to the world.

"My life was known from my first years in the world, I couldn't master all 4 elements, and then I've got to the Spirit World, and you know all that story..

"After all those years, I"m now 87 years old, many thing happened, sad ones, happy, but now it's the time to continue, if you hear it, so maybe I dead, and the Earthbender Avatar is here, And Raava will go to the next Avatar, as the cycle always go.

"Love you all, Father, Mother that you're not with me, my daughter and my two sons, Tenzin, Pema, Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, Rohan, Max and all my people.

"Thank you all!"

Today now already 241 AG, I was born 11 years ago, and the legend begins.

Cry of a baby, the baby of Yan and Kirra, Nick is only two years old, and he bend a little water and air, but he is very sick, and all the healers from the Water Tribe and the Fire Nation are saying that he will be dead until this summer.

"Mama, what they say to you?" Nick the baby said.

"Don't worry, my love, you will be okay, they just don't know about healing," Kirra said.

The healers have said that he cannot be healed because the nature of the Avatar, the circle has, Raava did go to the body, and now she's trying switch body, but Nick is strong, and Raava meanwhile can't get out.

But all that strange, Korra is alive, she really sick from Raava that she was out from her body, Korra resist to die, and I am Max, my father, Mikael, he's a waterbender, the chief of the Northern Tribe, my mom, Irene, she's a firebender, she's the lord of the Fire Nation, my sister, Nicolette, she's firebender and princess of the Northern Water Tribe and of Fire Nation and I am an earthbender, prince of the Northern Tribe and Fire Nation, I need answers but I can't reach it now.

"Come on, keep trying, Amaya," Korra said to her granddaughter while she's trying to teach her waterbending, and while she's sick.

"But I can't, Grandy Korra," Amaya said, she can't bend a little, maybe she's a nonbender and maybe she's something other.

"Hello, Sweatheart," Bolin said that, while he going to hug Amaya.

"Korra, how the training in waterbending with our Amaya?" Mako asked

"I don't know."

"The baby is dying!!!!" the healers are saying, we need right now to take him to the hospital and heal him with spirit water.


"Help me, I think that half Raava in me, and half in the baby Avatar, I feel terrible".

Korra and Nick are in the hospital, and Max, Mako, Bolin, and many other people come visit.

Nick the baby in the Avatar State and Korra too.

It started with fire in all the world, little, but fire that burn all, for change, or something new.

After it, tornadoes, hurricanes come, Korra said that this disaster it's from her, but this natural disaster, are not killing people or animals, they're just destroying houses, buildings and more.

And then, big wave has come to all world, and there is places in the world without sea...

After it, the most destroying was the earthquake, the earthquake changed the world to another shape.

They wake up, looks like another world, like nothing was destroyed, all new, I mean like our buildings today, there was too another people that lived here, and a lot of people has come to the new earth.

Nick died, that was very sad.

Korra and Max did the Avatar State and the connection has back...

how could be two Avatars? Soon will be answers....

The end of the Episode

Next Episode: The Rainforest Tribe

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