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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

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Earth Kingdom, Avatar Rong Yan, Suluk, Prince Unaraq, Princess Tanaraq, Aloi, The Royal Lady


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  • Street Bum (Beginning of Chapter 4)
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Book 2: Water Chapter 4: The Royal Lady

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Book 2: Water Chapter 4: The Royal Lady

Pigu is a minor character in the fanon, Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. Pigu, is the grandson of the late mayor who happens to be his grandfather. Pigu was kicked out of the house when Geng Gao had murdered Pigu's grandfather.


Pigu, was born in the Earth Kingdom in a small village named, Sichuan. His grandfather, and his many ancestors who took office and control of the village, were hardcore worshippers of the village's guardian spirit The Royal Lady.

Legend has it, that the Fire NationAvatar before Avatar Rong Yan, had along with a few Earth Kingdom families built the small village, where she was the mayor for a short while. Giving the ownership to Pigu's ancestor.

From then on the mayor position was past on through generations of Pigu's family. When Pigu was a child, his parents and himself along had moved to Han Tui. With Pigu's grandfather staying behind in the village. When Pigu was twelve, his father had died of an aneurysm, Pigu's mother had lost the house due to the death of her husband.

Pigu and his widowed mother had moved back to Sichuan Village, where she lived with her father along with her son. Two years later, when Pigu was fourteen his mother died of a rare sickness. Leaving Pigu's grandfather to be his only family.

Pigu's grandfather, became his teacher in academic studies, the old man was pretty smart so he knew most things. Years later, a mysterious man had entered the village when Pigu and his grandfather were asleep.

Pigu was in his fifties and his grandfather was really old around his eighties. The man had the intentions of killing the mayor. So he snuck into Pigu's residence and slew Pigu's grandfather.

The man was later to reveal his name as Geng Gao. Geng Gao claimed he was a noble from a very rich family. The assassin had brainwashed the townsfolk into thinking that Pigu's grandfather was selling the town to Geng Gao on his deathbed, and that Pigu had no word in it.

People began to forget Pigu having any relation to his grandfather, and began to find Pigu to be the local bum. Geng Gao had kicked out Pigu, and Pigu was forced to live on the streets.

Anyone who tried to encounter Geng Gao, and prove him what he was doing was wrong was captured at night and imprisoned in Geng Gao's basement.

At the end of Chapter 4, Pigu takes office and takes back his grandfather's home, Pigu has no children, nor is married.


Pigu, was born a non-bender. So he doesn't have any bending abilities nor does hone any weapon skills. Though he is pretty skillful with his fists.

Though during towards the end of Chapter 4, when Rong Yan and Unaraq were rescuing Suluk, Geng Gao had caught them taking Suluk out of his shackles, when Pigu knocked Geng Gao unconscious with a stone.


  • Pigu's Unnamed Grandfather (Grandfather; Deceased)
  • Pigu's Unnamed Mother (Mother; Deceased)
  • Pigu's Unnamed Father (Father; Deceased)



  • Pigu is Chinese for "bum".

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