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Photobending is an ancient art that was created by Benders that were considered legends. Consisting of controlling the light, This bending art was forbidden because his immense power.


Weak Powers

  • LightTorch: Consist of creating light from the hand, this light is much brighter than fire.
  • Basic Control: You can create light with the properties of three elements. Can be Solid, Liquid, Gaseous. This light is dangerous, because it can create the Lightdead(Explanation below)

Powerful Powers

This powers can only be achieved by a person that has trained his Photobending.

  • Blindness: By creating light in the enemy's eyes, the Photobender can create an effect of blindness, but only lasts a few seconds.
  • Darkness Destroy: Dark Spirits' vulnerability is light, Photobenders can easily remove the darkness inside a spirit.
  • Advanced Control: Experimented Photobenders can create light with the properties of fire. Being capable of creating Light fire, this is easily done by Avatars' Firebending and Photobending.

Unreached Powers

Powers that only have been reached by the original creators of Photobending.

  • Total Blindness: This will cause a person to lose his sight, can be made by creating light inside the enemy's eye, this can be painful.
  • Light Influence: By creating Light inside a person's brain, the Photobender can make a person take a choice.
  • Total Influence: A person with a poor will can easily be mind-controlled.

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