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PW emblem By The Bos Part of the Avatar: Guardian continuity.
Phoenix Warriors
General information

Jiang Rha

Notable members

Jiang Rha


Fire Nation

  • Assert Ozai's control over the world
  • Overthrow Fire Lord Zuko's government

The Phoenix Warriors are a group in the Fire Nation who do not believe in Zuko's peace making actions. They are an antagonistic group in Avatar: Guardian. They are currently led by Jiang Rha.

History and Founding

Near the end of the war, Ozai crowned himself Phoenix King. After his defeat, many of his top Generals and Admirals still felt loyal to him. They organized a group of followers who they convinced that Ozai could reward them with riches and power. They wish to continue the war because the believe that Firebenders are superior to other people.

Phoenix King Ozai coronation

Formerly revering Ozai, the Phoenix Warriors shifted their allegiance to Jiang Rha following his death.


They usually wear black and gold, but some also wear some of their old Fire Nation Military uniforms. Most of the group is comprised of older, more experienced Firebenders who have a loyalty to Ozai and as such, are more skilled than the old Fire Nation soldier.

Recent Missions

They began attacking towns in the Western Earth Kingdom. They would frequently burn a bird like shape into the ground. This was seen as a Phoenix and spread rumors of a continued Fire Nation attack. Their most recent mission was to infiltrate and liberate Ozai from his prison. They were successful and shipped him to their base.

Notable Members

Phoenix King Ozai

Ozai is the figurehead of the organization. He gives input on what he wants to happen, and leaves Jiang Rha along with others to make sure his will is administered properly. The members of the Phoenix Warriors worship him as if he was the ruler of the world.

Jiang Rha

Jiang Rha was the founder of the Phoenix Warriors. He fiercely believed in the Fire Nation's cause in the war, and thinks that it should continue. He is a powerful Firebender, and is also very skilled in manipulation, a skill he uses to recruit new members.

Young Sozin

Zhentu, a young Phoenix Warrior


Originally recruited by Jiang Rha, Zhentu joined the Phoenix Warriors hoping for revenge against the Waterbenders who killed his parents. After the eventual death of Ozai, Zhentu defects back to the Fire Nation government and helps Team Avatar bring the organization down.


The insane Captain was recruited after ranting about how his home in the Fire Nation colonies was repossessed at the end of the War. He was killed following his abandonment of Haru's home village.


Zao, a dedicated Fire Nation supremacist, led his entire unit into joining the Phoenix Warriors after the end of the War. His command position was kept, and he was stationed in Taku.

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