By Gingalover Part of the Book Five: Memory continuity.
Fire Temple
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Fire Nation


Eight unnamed sisters

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Ep.7: Old Wounds

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The Phoenix Inn is a hotel located within a mountainside town. It is run by eight identical twin sisters, making it a female-only establishment. It is located within a nameless town within the mountains of the eastern Fire Nation mainland.


Desna and Eska both went to the inn during a vacation, while Korra was still dealing with her poison effects throughout her three years of absence.

After traveling from the Fire Fountain City, Team Avatar went towards the Phoenix Inn to recuperate from the results of Fire Fountain's flooding. During their stay, Desna and Mako had to deal with the employees there, while Korra found out about the Qishi being present within the Spirit World. They stayed for most of the day until they found their ship being taken away by Blimpus. As such, they all left the Phoenix Inn.


The inn resembles that of an old-fashioned Fire Nation temple in appearance, making it look more authentic. The establishment is run mainly by female employees, eight unnamed sisters running the establishment. The inn gives discounts to pregnant visitors, and they offer special treatment to royals (which included Desna and Eska).

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