By Waterkai and Vaznock Part of the Kyoshi Revolts continuity.
Fire Nation banner
Phoenix City
Physical information

Northeastern Earth Kingdom


Former Earth Kingdom Capital


World's Second Major City

Form of Government

Absolute Monarchy

Head of State



Fire Nation gold coin



Phoenix City, or Ba Sing Se as it used to be called, is the second most important city of the Fire Nation. It is ruled by Mai and under protection of the Supreme Fire Lord, Azula.


Coup of Ba Sing Se

Main article: Coup of Ba Sing Se

The Coup of Ba Sing Se was an Infiltration of Ba Sing Se by Azula, Ty Lee and Mai. They infiltrated Ba Sing Se, disguised as Kyoshi Warriors and took down the Council of Five and the Earth King with the help from former-Dai Li Leader Long Feng. Azula and Zuko later fought with Aang and Katara, and Azula shot Aang with lighting when he entered the Avatar State to save him and Katara. When she and Zuko tried to deliver the final blow to Katara, Iroh showed up and gave Aang and Katara the chance to escape. Iroh was later caught by Dai Li agents.

Renaming to Phoenix City

Occupied Earth Kingdom palace

Iroh before the Agni Kai

Main article: Battle of Ba Sing Se

On the day of Sozin's Comet, Iroh and the Order of the White Lotus attacked Ba Sing Se to regain it for the Earth Kingdom. Ozai later arrived with his giant air fleet, which he used for burning down the Earth Kingdom. He saw that his troops were gaining many losses and that the Order of the White Lotus gained the upperhand. He ordered his troops to attack and show no mercy. He and his troops killed all the members of the Order of the White Lotus, until only Iroh remained. Ozai and Iroh battled a heroïc Agni Kai, were eventually Ozai won. Iroh was imprisoned forever and Ozai renamed Ba Sing Se to 'Phoenix City'.


Mai was recently appointed to rule Phoenix City by the new ruler of the world, Supreme Fire Lord Azula, and Ty Lee, who was to rule the rest of the Earth Kingdom, including Omashu.

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