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The Phoenix Bracelet is an ancient mystical bracelet that holds great power. Legends says that who ever uses the bracelet can summon and control an all powerful phoenix. The Black Scorchers want to obtain the Phoenix Bracelet to gain power and continue where Fire Lord Ozai left off.

Time of Creation

The Phoenix Bracelet was created by the sun warriors in the early years of firebending and its power was infused with the power of the phoenix. The sun warriors believed that this powerful bracelet would protect them and the entire civilization. However, a power hungry Fire Nation soldier stole the bracelet and used it to wipe out half the population. The sun warriors stopped him from causing anymore damage and they realized that the bracelet is too powerful for any man, woman, or child to use it. They preserved the Phoenix Bracelet in the most remote region of the Fire Nation where no one will ever find it.


The Black Scorchers were the first ones to discover the existence of the Phoenix Bracelet. However, they have no knowledge of its location, so they go around the Fire Nation interrogating people with vast knowledge.

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