By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.

The Phoenix Blaster is a strong and powerful cannon, used in the Fire Nation during the rein of Hougen. These type of weaponry were only used in order to give those fire navy who can't firebend a strong weapon for battle. The most common soldiers who used this cannon are the Fire Nation's dog packs.

The cannon's fire power, if aimed correctly, is a 99% kill shot. The cannon uses a mixture of metal, fire, and fire resilient powder so it wouldn't burn the cannon inside. The mixture makes a deadly projectile that's similar to that of fireworks, except it only explodes when it hits it's target, or whatever gets in its way. The projectile may not have as much good accuracy as an arrow, but can go just as fast and long, and twice as destructive. It can travel over two miles is one shot, at speeds of 50 mph. The power is enough to crash through a building.


1. Ginga Densetsu Avatar Ch.17: Blue's Defeat
It was used in this chapter while Team Avatar was rescuing Zuko and Tom from the blind dog, Bat. Bat glided to a platform where he commands his servants to shoot at them with it. It did cause the huge tower to collapse, but no deaths were charged.

2. Ginga Densetsu Avatar Ch.22: False King
In this chapter, although not said exactly, the weapon was used as The Fleet were starting the invasion. It was shooting at it to drive them away, but was repelled by the air benders on the ship, no deaths were made for this appearance neither.

3. Ginga Densetsu Avatar Ch.28: GB's last stand
This chapter is when it has most of appearance. One shows up being pulled by Bruge and was put in position at the Ba Sing Se fighting arena, aiming it so it can be shot in the arena where Hougen and GB. It was officially used at the end of the chapter, blasting GB and Aang out of Ba Sing Se. The only death it has gotten in the whole series was the setter, GB.

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