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Philip Hellene
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170 cm


60 kg
9 st 6 lbs

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Light brown

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Hellenic Style


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Philip Hellene is the protagonist of the Polybender Saga.


Philip Hellene is a somewhat short and slim man. His light brown hair is notoriously difficult to maintain, often forming spikes on its own accord. He has an oval face with a pronounced chin and nose. He has thick mutton chops and fierce eyebrows that join in the middle to form a mono-brow.

Philip wears western-styled clothing. He often wears a brown or grey suit with a white shirt and either a black and white striped tie or dark blue bow tie, which is often uneven, owing to being self-tied.

Philip speaks with sophisticated, British received pronunciation but when he tires or is shocked, he lapses into a more laid-back Australian. He is the type to pronounce h as aitch and ate as et.


Philip was born into Hellas. At age 18, he entered the University of Logopolis.


Philip Hellene is calm, level-headed and very studious. He has been shown to be very respectful to his superiors and those whom he deems his equal; however, he has a rather obvious disgust for people whom he deems inferior (morally or intellectually) or stupid. As Philip admitted himself, he "...does not suffer fools gladly."

Philip is said by his critics to be 'stiff', whereas his friends and allies refer to him as 'professional and gentile.' Philip is generally reserved and seldom conducts acts of affection. At times, Philip can be rather immature, especially when interacting with his friends.


Philip was born an airbender. Being friends with water and firebenders, he learnt to emulate their style. As a young man, he studied Hellenic style, a style which consists of both short jabs, and sustained gusts of wind. It also includes using airbending to amplify his own physical power, such as using it to kick someone further.

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