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the waters of earth

Jing smiled. "I was wondering... what is it like to live when you are destined to fail from the very start? And on the other hand, how does a responsibility for making someone's life a nightmare feel like? What's on your mind when you are not permitted to err because the world depends on you? Everybody makes mistakes. Even the Avatar."



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10 planned, 5 aired


The Legend of Korra

Phantoms is a fanon series that takes place after the events of the first season of The Legend of Korra.

The fanon describes repercussions of the anti-bender revolution and a follow-up of Korra's adventures. Republic City heals its wounds after Amon's death, but even now it is not at peace: the Equalists' philosophy has thrived as new movements and their various leaders continue to demand an equal treatment to non-benders.

The Council is under a continuous political siege and it seems that the current status quo will not last any longer. And new dangers—phantoms from the past—await Korra who is trying to adapt to the new reality.

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A note from the author

Hello ! Hope you're having a good day. This is my first fanon here. In fact, it's my first story written in English ever. You know, I'm not a native writer. In fact, I'm not sure of my writing at all—but I'm here to learn, so, everyone, feel free to point out mistakes in the comments. Especially these connected with punctuation (I don't get English punctuation at all). You are probably way better at this than I am, so I would be glad to hear what you think has to be fixed about the grammar and also, what your opinion of the story is.


The photo in the background of the header was takenby Anh Dinh and can be used on the Creative Commons license.


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