By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
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Birth place

Hidden lands


Desert of the Dead

Physical description



557 feet long


1000 tons

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Colossi Dragonfly

Phalanx is, by far, the largest colossi ever to exist. He's so gigantic that even Raviente looks small compared to him! He was the most recent creation by Yveltal by his voice, sounding like that of a young child then an ancient being. Despite his huge size, Phalanx still has the ability to fly thanks to the air sacs on his stomach, but still it makes him nearly defying logic.

Phalanx first appears when Aang and Momo arrive in his territory. At first he flies outta the ground and so far ignores Aang until he gets up onto the back of his neck. He then offers to a fun game where Aang can have his chakra orb if he can get to the end of phalanx's tail. He at first tries a simple corkscrew trick and got Aang off. Next he dives into the ground with Aang inside one of his back fins, but after each attempt, Aang succeeds in getting the orb. Phalanx thanks him for playing with him and he dives back into the sands of his territory.

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