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Peter is a former prisoner in the fanon story Alone.

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Peter was born in the firebending colony San Juan. He and a fellow colonist, Kumara, became best friends while growing up together. When Peter was nine years old, the city was besieged by the BDA. His parents were among the people who fought the Enforcers off. Unbeknownst to him, Avatar Joel had sought refuge in the city, bringing the Leader with him.

The Leader destroyed the colony with a massive explosion, scarring Peter and killing his parents in the process. Refusing to join the Enforcers, he chose to go to Uluru. There he met Lee, a fellow firebender from the ruins of San Juan. They lived together with the forty other survivors from the colony. Years later, the current Avatar asked to visit the firebending cell block.

Peter answered Leah's call and advised her not to stare at the scars of the residents. Leah asked him to introduce him to someone, and Peter directed her to Lee. Once they began talking, he left. Leah did not say goodbye to him and Lee before she escaped.

Months after Leah's escape, Peter was visited by Kumara. They shared a silent but emotional reunion before she returned to her quarters. Later that night, she broke him out of his cell and escaped with him. He assisted by driving her jeep out of the compound, but was knocked unconscious after diving out of the jeep. After Kumara defeated the Leader, she took Peter in her arms and flew away on a jet of fire.


Peter is a quiet person. He's very caring for the forty other dogged survivors from San Juan, and tries to ensure that they're not hurt more than they already have been. He is shown to love Kumara immensely, being reduced to tears by the mere sight of her crying. He later accompanied her as she escaped the compound.


Book 1: Glass

Book 3: Storm

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