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'Perilous Seas' is the third chapter of Avatar: Bridge to Infinity by The malefic.

Chapter 3 - Perilous Seas

Aang looked at his enemy; he knew he wasn't just some Fire Nation rebel. The man wore ribbed armour with a mask that shielded his face. He resembled an old Water Tribe legend, the Sea Demon. The Sea Demon would challenge an Avatar once during his/her lifetime and would sometimes end that Avatar's life.

But that was just a legend, Aang knew this was real. This guy was much stronger, Aang could feel that his energy made Ozai look like a weakling. Aang dismounted Appa and told his bison to flee. Aang didn't want Appa getting caught in the inevitable battle.

"So are you going to tell me who you are?" asked Aang.

"And why should I?" replied Luccaino.

"Look I'll be honest" began Aang. "I don't want to fight you".

"It's not like you have a choice Avatar" said Luccaino.

"And why is that?" asked Aang.

"This is your last chance to fight me voluntarily" said Luccaino.

"I won't fight you" said a still defiant Aang. "There is no need for us to"

"Oh there's a need" said Luccaino who smiled under his mask.

Luccaino raised an arm as a mighty tornado of water rose from the seas. It shot of into the distance as a cry of pain could be heard. The tornado returned seconds later with Appa in its grasp. Luccaino tightened his fist making the waves intensify as the bison cried for its master.

"Stop it!" demanded Aang.

"Fight me and I will" said Luccaino in a cold voice.

"I'm warning you!" said Aang.

"What's the matter Avatar?" asked Luccaino. "Did I touch a nerve?"

Luccaino tightened his fist again as Aang felt a familiar strength flowing through his body. The Airbender screamed at Luccaino.

"Stop it now!" screamed Aang.

The tornado of water shattered as Aang spoke, Luccaino watched on as Aang's tattoos glew brightly. Luccaino then smiled as Aang began the reveal his true power, the Avatar State. Aang made the waves turn violent as the light continued to glow brighter. In the back of his head Aang could hear a voice screaming out to him.

"Stop now!" the voice said. "You are only helping him!"

Aang didn't relent he only continued to unleash his power. As Luccaino shielded his eyes from the light he smiled again. The light faded as Aang glared at Luccaino.

"This is your last chance!" he shouted. "Run before I have to hurt you!"

"Am I supposed to be intimidated?" mocked Luccaino.

"I'm warning you!" shouted Aang.

"I'm shaking" replied Luccaino.

"You sicken me" began Aang. "How can you take pleasure in people's suffering?!"

"Quite easily" said Luccaino.

"Enough talk!" said Aang. "This is your last chance!"

"Very well Avatar, enough banter let us begin" said Luccaino.

Luccaino disappeared once more into the waves as Aang looked frantically for his enemy. Then, suddenly, a jet of water shot out of the sea which Aang narrowly dodged. Aang then sent a wave of air back but Luccaino was in fact behind him. He grabbed Aang and spoke.

"Hope you can hold your breath".

Luccaino and Aang shot into the sea as Aang struggled to break free. Luccaino let him go only to use the waves to shoot him into a wall. Aang got back to his feet looked towards Luccaino, he was shocked.

Aang always knew how powerful he was in the Avatar State; the fact that someone could match that power was almost unreal. Aang wondered how this guy could generate so much power so effortlessly.

Aang's thoughts were interrupted as Luccaino shot towards him he kneed Aang in the chest stunning him, Aang recoiled as Luccaino bended the water the crash into Aang. As Luccaino stood in front of Aang mocking him the Airbender quickly retaliated.

'Luccaino's mask is ripped off during the fight'

He grabbed Luccaino's mask and ripped it off, Luccaino then shot to the surface desperate for air. As Aang followed him up he reached the surface to find Luccaino who was severely weakened.

"Sorry, did I touch a nerve?" asked Aang.

Luccaino growled as a jet of water shot out at Aang, this time however he couldn't dodge it. Aang was struck in the back on his scar that Azula had made years before. As Aang fell into the sea, now badly weakened, Luccaino spoke.

"I expected more".

Luccaino raised his arm as a green light glew from his fingertips. He pointed his arm at Aang as a bolt of green lightning shot out towards Aang. At the last moment a bison flew into the blast, killing it, the bison fell onto Aang as Luccaino watched on.

"Two birds with one stone" he said smiling.

Luccaino manipulated the waves around him and shot out into the distance, his goal was accomplished. The Avatar, Aang, was no longer with us...

Three Emperors Throne Room, around the same time...

A shot rang out through the room as Josik and Malefic sat. They both smiled as Malefic spoke.

"He really did it?"

"Indeed, it seems we underestimated Luccaino's power" replied Josik.

"He's not dead" said a still doubtful Malefic.

"I highly doubt that" said Josik. "He can survive a lot but Luccaino clearly ended him"

"I know" began Malefic. "But we can't make assumptions"

"Indeed" said Josik whose eyes widened.

"It increased the energy didn't it?" said a surprised Malefic.

"No matter, the sooner the better" replied Josik.

"I know that, I just don't want them to show up unexpectedly" said Malefic.

"They're sending a scout first" said Josik.

"When will he arrive?" asked Malefic.

"Two weeks" said Josik.

"I will prepare for his arrival" said Malefic.

"Very well" said Josik.

Malefic stood and began to walk out of the throne room, he turned and spoke to Josik one final time.

"Who are they sending?" he asked.

"Xercxes..." said Josik in a cold voice.

A shiver went down Malefic's spine as he walked out, he didn't realise that things were going to get this serious...

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