By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
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Light purple

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Suki, Longshot, Azula

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Mechanic, scientist


S.C.P (former)


Le Paradox (former), Dash

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Knight Cooper PT3

Penelope is a mouse mechanic that had created the Black Knight, and all those monstrous robots that help her out. She used to be a well-aimed mechanic, but she was hired by Le Paradox as the mechanic and to handle Galleth. She has a strong knack for science and mechanics, having a great knowledge. However, she isn't the strongest, so it's for this reason that she made the Black Knight suit, so she can disguise herself. She had gotten into a powerful battle with Galleth, but ended up losing because her suit was badly damaged. After being contributed to the S. C.P, she goes under the science lab with Dash and Plague, so she can expand her own knowledge on the Foundation's parts and experiments.

Avatar: New Universe IIEdit

Arc 1Edit

She first appears in her Black Knight suit after her battle with Galleth, and after the repairs. She goes on explaining her plans on another attack, but she ends up getting knocked out of her suit by BEN, and she was bound and gagged upside-down, and remained like that until Suki and Longshot found her and helped her out. She goes on explaining how it happened, but before she can do anything, she was captured by Azula, whom was brainwashed at this point, and instead of hurting her, she gives Penelope the offer of joining SCP as mechanic, which she accepts.

Arc 3Edit

Penelope had taken the job as the SCP mechanic, and seems very willing to become useful. Smile Dog and Ghost gave her the job in making the force feeder and just finished by the time they came in with Toph in toe. She went off right before Plague entered the room to see what else she can do.

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