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The Sanctuary

Chief Hung marched through the palace at the Northern Water Tribe, he had just received some very grave news from an Air Nomad named Ven, and needed to speak with his southern counterpart Chief Gua. Gua was visiting along with his wife and family, and most of the Southern Water Tribe to take part in the New Moon Celebration. After checking Gua's room, the palace grounds and just about everywhere else he finally found him dancing with his wife in the ballroom.

"Gua, may I speak with you a moment?" Hung asked, interrupting their dance.

Gua shot an apologetic look at his wife before walking off. "What is it Hung?" Gua asked happily as they took a seat at a table.

"I just got some news from a boy named Ven.." Hung began before Gua interrupted,

"Oh Ven! He's a nice kid, I heard he was just placed on the council in the Northern Air Temple."

"He was, because of what he found out." Hung continued, "Ven was visiting a friend in the Fire Nation. While he was there he overheard Dragon Priest Lao speaking with Earth King Terra. Lao's planning a coup to overthrow the Fire Lord, and Terra is going to give him his support should he succeed."

"What are we going to do about this?" Gua asked realizing the gravity of the situation.

"Ven suggested that in the event the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom ally, the Water Tribes should ally with the Air Nomads to try and keep some balance." Hung said, "I think he's right. An alliance may be the only way to keep the peace."

Gua thought about this for a long time before stating, "The Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom are powerful countries with large armies by themselves, I'm afraid that just us and the Air Nomads won't be enough."

"What are you suggesting, that we just roll over for them?" Hung asked barely keeping his voice down so he doesn't distract the party.

"No, I'm suggesting that maybe we should enlist the help of the energybenders."

"Their nation has dwindled greatly since the four nations appeared." Hung said regretfully, "I'm afraid you're right the Water Tribes and the Air Nomads might be enough, but even with them it still might not be enough."

"Their nation may have lessened but the energybenders are still the most powerful out of all of us." Gua reassured Hung, "And right now they're our best chance."

Dragon Priest Lao calmly approached the Fire Lord's throne room, after his entire plan was flawless. By the end of the day, the people will be bowing to their new ruler. Lao thought as the guards searched him for weapons. The Fire Lord was an extremely paranoid man and had everyone, even children searched before they were allowed to see him. After the guards finished searching him, and made sure his cane was just a cane they let him into the throne room. Fire Lord Li sat on his throne behind the ever-present wall of flames.

"And what does my Dragon Priest wish to speak to me about?" Li asked as Lao bowed, "You may rise."

"Honorable Fire Lord, I believe I have found something very important. Today may very well change the course of history as we know it." Lao began acting exited, One things true though. Today history will be made. he thought while pulling a scroll from his pack. As Lao limped forward, Li's bodyguard, Ken moved in front of him.

"I don't remember seeing you limping yesterday." Ken observed pointing out Lao's cane. Ken was as skeptical as Li was paranoid.

"I sprained my ankle earlier today." Lao lied.

"Ken I don't think we need to worry about him pulling anything." Li said. "Let him pass."

"As you wish my lord." Ken yielded stepping aside.

"As I was saying, my lord, I believe I have found a scroll which contains the location of the Sun Warriors lost empire." Lao continued weaving his lie as he opened the scroll and handed it to Li. The Fire Lord took the scroll and began reading. as he read Lao twisted the handle on his cane and pulled out a hidden blade. Without warning Lao stabbed through the scroll while blasting Ken with a fire blast. As the blade pierced Li's heart, Ken recovered and drew his twin katanas. Lao laughed once he saw Ken stand to fight him.

"Ah poor, ignorant Ken. Loyal to a fault." Lao sighed as he pushed Li's corpse off the throne and sat in it. "Bow to me." he ordered.

"No, I serve the Fire Lord and his heir." Ken responded slowly moving forward.

"By now Li's entire family has been killed by my assassins." Lao said non-chalantly while reaching for a hook sword Li kept near his throne. "Now I'll ask again, bow to me."

"No." Ken said "My purpose in life was to protect the Fire Lord and his family, or failing that kill those responsible for their deaths."

"Loyal to a fault." Lao mumbled before leaping off the throne with his hidden sword in one hand and the hook sword in the other. Ken moved to the side as Lao landed and swung his katanas at the usurper. Lao blocked both blades with his straight sword and slashed the hook sword at Ken's feet. Ken flipped over Lao and reversed his grip on his swords and tried to stab Lao from behind. Lao ducked under the blades and swiped Ken's legs out form under. As Lao prepared to stab Ken, the guard used a similar move to trip Lao, while at the same time jumping to his feet. Ken brought his blades down, only to have Lao lock blades with him. Ken used his greater strength to push down on Lao. Desperate Lao shot flames from his mouth, forcing Ken to jump back to avoid being blinded.

"Using fire against a nonbender?" Ken asked, "Where's your honor?"

"Honor is a commodity for the weak." Lao sneered as he rushed forward. Lao now sent fire flying from his blades as he swung madly at Ken. Ken was able to deep the Dragon Priest at bay until he made a fatal mistake. He lunged forward, allowing Lao to hold his blade with his hook sword and stab Ken in his left shoulder. Ken's arm went limp as his katana dropped to the floor. "Last chance Ken. Bow to me!

"Go to hell." Ken said as he readied his good arm. Where the hell are the other guards?

"After you Ken." Lao mocked as he continued the engagement. Ken was overwhelmed Lao's ferocious attacks and could barely hold his own. Remembering what his master had taught him sped up his heart rate, causing an extreme amount of adrenaline to pump through his body. Ken now saw the world as if it was in slow motion. Ken easily blocked Lao's strikes now and after parrying one strike he kicked Lao in the chest. The Dragon Priest flew back Ken slowed his heart rate so he wouldn't bleed out his shoulder. Lao's face had become a mask of anger and hatred as he charged toward Ken again. As Lao swung his straight sword Ken countered with his katana, Ken's blade sliced clean through Lao's. As Ken brought the blade back to cut Lao's head off, the traitor moved at the last second, however Ken's blade did leave a long cut in Lao's right cheek. Out raged Lao swung his hook sword as Ken tried to follow up on his attacks. the end of Lao's hook sword buried itself into the under side of Ken's elbow, Lao then pulled as hard as he could, causing the sword to cut through Ken's arm until it exited between his ring and middle fingers. As Ken screamed in pain Lao blasted him through the wall.

As Ken fell from the top story of the palace he heard Lao's insane laughter. By a miracle he'd survived the fall, as he looked up to the heavens as he lay there he had a vision a warrior dressed in yellow dueling Lao, and winning. He watched the duel play out recognizing many of the warrior's moves as his own. Then he saw it, the blades the warrior was using were his own. The warrior was his son, Choy. Ken smiled as he turned his head and saw Lao walking over to his broken body. You will die Lao, and it will be my own son who does you in. Ken thought triumphantly as Lao stood over him.

"Any regrets?" Lao asked as he raised his hook sword.

"Two." Ken managed say, "One is I won't live to see my son grow up. And the other is I won't be around to see you die." Ken died smiling as Lao cut his head off, with two-year-old Choy watching from his room on the second story.

The quiet of the night is shattered as a woman screams in pain of her labor. She had been pregnant for nine months and the baby was due today. The mother gave one final push and the baby came out.

"It's a boy!" the nursemaid cried as she pulled the crying baby out. As the nursemaid handed the baby to his mother, the father leaned in close and wrapped his arm around his wife.

"He's beautiful." the mother whispered.

"What are we going to name him?" the father asked. The two looked at their new born son, the beginning of their family and new life.

"Genesis." the mother said. "His name is Genesis."


  • There is some major foreshadowing in this "chapter", if you don't catch there is sereiously something wrong with you.
  • Ken's vision of his son, Choy, dueling Lao was inspired by Bardock's visions of Goku fighting Frieza in the Dragon Ball Z Special, Bardock: the Father of Goku.

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