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I strongly suggest that you read this before starting this story The Peace Keepers or else the story may be very confusing to you at first. Also in case you haven't figured this out, italics means to show an action or describe something, everything else is spoken.

Scene 1

The scene starts with three young men laying on a small wind driven boat. The water is calm and the sun is beginning to rise over the horizon. The tall boy (Cozmo) gets up and begins to fiddle with the mast. He looks right at Lu Ti and begins to speak.

Cozmo: Alright chief its decision time again, where to now?

[Lu Ti opens his eyes]

Lu Ti [sounding tired]: I heard that all around Omashu is starting to crawl with bandits, I think that would be a good place to start.

Cozmo: Okay then, it's off to the Earth Kingdom

Cozmo begins to make some Kung Fu movements into the air, he looks rather foolish until the boat begins to tear through the water when he finishes with a definite strike. He is Waterbending. After awhile he stops bending and begins to speak

Cozmo: Alright the wind is picking up, we should be in the Earth Kingdom by sunset. So we should start to...[Cozmo stops speaking when he looks down and sees the third boy is still sleeping] Are you kidding me? You let Kio sleep this long?

Lu Ti: You know hes moody when he wakes up, so if you wanna wake him be my guest.

Cozmo bends some water up, swirls it around then splashes it hard, all over Kio. Kio then wakes up making all sorts of confused sounds

Kio: What do you think you're doing Cozmo, I'm about to rip your...

[Cozmo cuts him off]: Settle down hothead we are almost there so start packing.

Kio makes some grumbling sounds then shuffles off to another part of the boat.

The boys all go off to do some various chores. After what seems like a while Kio looks up and sees land.

Kio: Hey guys look! I can see land.

The Trio begins to get ready, Lu Ti puts on his helmet and fits his bracers over his wrists. Cozmo tapes up his wrist, and Kio just stands there, looking kinda awkward.

[The ship pulls into the harbor. The boys get out and stretch while Cozmo Waterbends the ship onto shore].

Cozmo: Alright Lu Ti, be sure to hide it well.

Lu Ti kicks the ground hard and the boat goes under ground. He then bends an earth roof over top of it.

Kio: Why do you even try to hide it? It's not like anybody is going to steal that piece of junk.

Lu Ti laughs at this while Cozmo just gives them both a dirty look.

Scene 2

The scene starts with the boys walking into the forest, carrying their small packs. Lu Ti suddenly stops in his tracks.

Lu Ti: Wait did you hear that?

Cozmo: Hear what?

Kio: It was probably just a rabbit, quit being so paranoid.

Lu Ti: Maybe you're...[Just before Lu Ti finishes a group of a dozen or so bandits jumps from the bushes encircle the trio.]

Lu Ti finishes: Dead wrong.

Just then the biggest of the bandits, and clearly the leader steps forward and begins to speak

Bandit leader: Alright now I suggest that you kids empty your bags so nobody gets hurt [while patting the large sword that rests at his side]

Lu Ti: Actually I'd rather keep my bags, thanks for the offer but we are going to be on our way. [Lu Ti tries to push past some of the bandits]

Bandit leader [with a smirk]: Looks like you leave us no choice.

The leader starts to run straight for Lu Ti swinging his sword above his head. When the leader is about fifteen feet away from him Lu Ti gently kicks the ground tripping up the leader so he falls. When his hands and legs hit the ground Lu Ti immediately encases them in earth so the leader is immobile. Lu Ti then finishes with a powerful strike with fists into the ground that sends a pillar of rock straight into the leader, which sends him flying into the horizon, killing him in the process.

Lu Ti: Who's next?

All of the bandits begin to charge at boys, who are now ready for combat and seizing up their opponents.

The first bandit that reaches Kio has his legs quickly swept out from under him, he is then met by a fire blast. The second bandit quickly avoids Kio's first strike, Kio then sets all the area around the bandit on fire, trapping him so he can finish the job quickly.

Three bandits attack Cozmo at the same time, Cozmo meets the first one with an ice spear through the chest, the next two hes quickly freezes in place leaving them to live.

An arrow comes whistling down from the trees right at Lu Ti, who hears the sound it makes and quickly makes an earth wall to deflect it. As soon as he locates the archer he shoots a large rock his way knocking him out of the tree and onto the ground unconscious. 'Seeing the archer fall the other bandits begin to run off into the woods terrified for their lives.

After the heat of the battle is over, Cozmo walks over and unfreezes just the heads of the two bandits, he tells them

Cozmo: Now listen you two, I want you to go tell your cronies and any other bandit you know, that there are new Peace Keepers here, and I dare them to challenge us.

With that Cozmo unfreezes them completely and they run off into the woods towards the others.

Lu Ti: Well how about that for a first day?

The other two just roll their eyes as they walk off into the sun set


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