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Shadows danced in the murky hallways of the Royal Palace. The tapestries of past Fire Lords stood like hellish statues. Navigating through the darkness, Azulon felt lost in his very home. The dim light flickering under the doorway eased his mind as Azulon exhaled a sigh of relief. He entered quietly.

"Are you alright?"

Sozin gripped the quill, motionless.

Azulon closed the door. He took a seat next to his father.

"Everything will be okay."

Sozin blinked, but said nothing.

"Take my hand."

The young prince helped the Fire Lord stand up. Stiff, aching joints made it hard for Sozin to walk, sit, and lie down. Lending a shoulder for support, father and son left the bedroom.

The crown prince and the Fire Lord, silently advanced through the halls of the Royal Palace, two hearts beating in the pitch black night. Sozin shivered in the chilly wind as the two passed the courtyard. In the dead of night, there were no whispers, all was calm. Blinking, Sozin saw the same blackness as he did with his eyes closed. But he trusted the dependable shoulder of his son to guide him. Azulon steadily looked forward.

The old man and the young man reached a final doorway. Revitalizing night air filled their lungs. They fell into the sky. Over the flat tiles, they walked until they reached the end.

Sozin finally spoke, "On this balcony..."

Father and son stood side by side, overlooking the very same balcony from Sozin's memories. Sozin felt an alleviating calm. For once, he felt at peace. They enjoyed the mutual silence, once again. This time, Azulon spoke up:

"On this balcony, Roku promised you that you would change the world. Here, a dream was born: a dream of beauty, mercy, and generosity. Here, the Avatar and the Fire Lord dreamed they would share peace with the world."

Sozin managed a smile. Azulon stood behind his father as the two breathed in unison. He rested a hand on Sozin's shoulder and pointed to the dark world. He whispered softly in his ear:

"Before long, the sun will peek over the mountains and paint this dark world in light. The light will glisten on the sea like a thousand diamonds. The air will hold the sweet tang of salt. There will be life."

Tears built in Sozin's eyes.

"One day, your dream will be fully realized. The world will enjoy an era of peace, built on the ambition of two close friends, Avatar Roku and Fire Lord Sozin. I will carry on your legacy as best I can. Thank you for showing me the world. Thank you for being there for me always."

Azulon shed a single tear, "I love you father."

The neck snapped like a twig.

A tear rolled down Azulon's cheek as he carried the body. During the lonely coronation, the tapestries of past Fire Lords paid solemn respect and the air stood still. The new, merciful Fire Lord delicately laid his father to rest.

Eyes closed, Sozin finally found peace in his dreams.

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