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There's No Place Like Home

Patola is a member of the Foggy Swamp Tribe and the Order of the White Lotus.


Early Life

Patola was born in the Foggy Swamp Tribe. He discovered his water bending powers very early, and was a very powerful waterbender and plantbender by the age of ten. When he was fifteen, he was invited into the Order of the White Lotus, making him the youngest member.

Start of the War

When Boli took over, the Foggy Swamp Tribe was no longer safe. Earth soldiers attacked the tribe. he fled, and lived in the Fire Nation for years. When the Avatar was announced, he was overjoyed at the idea of Boli being stopped.

Attack of the Fire Nation

During the attack of the Fire Nation, Patola panicked. He had lived in the safety of the Fire Nation for years, and developed the idea he couldn't be attacked by the Earth Kingdom there. When the Fire Nation ad attacked, he ran to the ocean, and created a bubble around himself. He waited for hours. When he heard someone outside, he came up, and saw Avatar Zaru. He ran to him, and after a brief misunderstanding, they made friends. They then traveled the Fire Nation to save the Avatar's great uncle, but after a fight, they realized they were too late.

Rescuing Erus

After Patola realized his friend Erus was in trouble, he knew he had to help him. He brought Zaru to the Order of the White Lotus Headquarters. They told them of Erus' capture, and Cholu was sent to help. Zaru, Patola, and Cholu traveled to the Earth Kingdom, and went into the prison without a problem. Cholu then revealed himself as Boli's new head general (after Voe lost his job). A fight then took place, and Patola ran away with Zaru and the rescued Erus.

Kidnapping of Rose

Boli came back trying to kill them because his daughter Rose was taken. Boli had assumed Zaru took her. They went back to the Earth Kingdom and met with the Stone Soldiers, who had Rose. Rose broke out, and they fought. Rose was defeated, but Boli arrived, and destroyed an entire mountain. Patola ran with the others.


Patola is a powerful waterbender. He was able to defeat many earth soldiers during the Attack of the Fire Nation without getting harmed. He was as powerful as many of the elders at the Foggy Swamp Tribe at the age of ten. He is also an extremely powerful plantbender. He developed the art of woodbending when he discovered the trace of water from trees in wood.


Many people would consider Patola to be very odd. He is prone to all sorts of outbursts, and acts in an interesting way.


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