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By Airbender17 Part of the The Legend of Worlds continuity.
"You must be in airbender, because you are my son, the child of a new generation carrier.!"
— Pathik to Gyatso.
Guru Pathik
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50 BG

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Bald with white beard

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Gyatso, his Family, Air Nomads

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Air Nomad



Pathik was one of the first of the eight people in the world, he is the founder of Air Nomads, and a spiritual high, although non-bender, almost the descendants a benders. He is a man who lives long enough, and also making flying animals (Flying Bison).


Early Life

Pathik created dikerajaan ground along with seven other people and make a generation called the Air Nomads.

Pathik initially wanted to put the idea to climb the mountain to the monastery air by flying, and he found a long-tailed animal with horns, he thought of an animal that has a "long tail", and he thought it was the wing, and he teach all the bison to fly, and finally he called the "flying Bison". and after three flying towards the mountain, he found an animal that lived there, that he thought the bat but had a tail, or lemurs have long ears?, and eventually he was given the name "Winged Lemur".

Grinning Pathik

Pathik managed to make a temple.

and after finding a group of lemurs, Pathik bring her up one of the three mountain using bison, and build a temple in the east to the place of residence, which he named "Eastern Air Temple".


Water Tribe camp

Pathik see a group of Water Tribe

After all the people from the other three countries have offspring, he flew alone from the Eastern Air Temple to Earth Kingdom and noticed that most of the men tribal water at bay Laogai rest going towards the South Pole to form a new tribe. After seeing the Water Tribe men, she approached the spot, and talk of a thing.

make Descendants

and after a month of living there, his wife, Loi gave birth to three children, the eldest was Gyatso, and the second Iio, and the last is Jinju.

after a few years, Gyatso and his brothers and sisters grew up, especially Gyatso, who was only 19 years old, his father took him to create a new temple which is located in the south called "Southern Air Temple". Gyatso begin creating a new element had learned from flying bison at Eastern Air Temple, and he was the first airbender and he was the one who got a master's of airbending, and the airbender get a tattoo.

Later Life

At the end of his life, he made two other shrines are located in the west and north, he meditated a lot in the fourth temple built, and many teaching him many things, and he was making an Avatar Cycle for the first time the world's savior.


Aang and Guru Pathik

Pathik taught her everything,he's a little bit of a sense of humor.

He was a man of high humor, he is also somewhat sensitive, good-hearted, making elements for freedom, and also taught her many things.

He was also a high degree, and the first ruler of the Spirit World, he's also a bit strange, and like to drink a mixture of banana juice.



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