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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Past, Present, and Future.

Guru Pathik
Pathik's Story
"You don't belong here, alien."
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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Pathik's Story is the tale of Pathik's past. It is a part of Past, Present, and Future, written by Dudewaldo4.

In this narrative, Pathik retells his experiences involving Gyatso, Aang, the Air Nomad Genocide, and his vision of helping the Avatar. It is divided into five parts.


Act 1: Gyatso

Main article: Act 1: Gyatso

Pathik remembers the fun times he had with Gyatso. After that "golden age of happiness," he is told the next Avatar was born: Aang. He and Gyatso are unsure about this new Avatar, as they've heard rumors about the Fire Nation planning to attack the rest of the world. Despite the confidence of the other members of the council, Pathik and Gyatso think the Fire Nation might have some sort of secret weapon that will make them powerful enough to defeat the other nations. As Pathik is forced to leave by Tashi and Afiko, Gyatso starts to train Aang.

See also: Gyatso

Act 2: Aang

Main article: Act 2: Aang

The Guru recounts the many stories he'd heard about the new Avatar when he was living in a large city in the Earth Kingdom.

See also: Aang

Act 3: Genocide

Main article: Act 3: Genocide

Pathik recalls the time period in which he had sunk into despair. When he finds out that Afiko divulged the location of the Air Temples to the Fire Nation, he becomes stricken with grief. The Air Nomads, and the Avatar, only a young child, had been killed. He is forced to leave his home when the Fire Nation attacks it too.

See also: Battle of Taku

Act 4: Wandering

Main article: Act 4: Wandering

Pathik reflects on the time he spent as a hermit living in the Northern Mountains of the Earth Kingdom, near the Northern Air Temple. After a short while, he realizes he doesn't belong there, alone and sad. He travels to Ba Sing Se, to begin a new life. After living there for many years, the Dragon of the West attacks the walled city.

See also: Siege of Ba Sing Se

Act 5: Vision

Main article: Act 5: Vision

The Guru describes his vision of helping the Avatar, and the experience of unblocking his chakras once again, as much "algae" had fallen into the river of his energy throughout his journey. He later travels to the Eastern Air Temple, in order to carry out this new mission.

See also: "Appa's Lost Days", "The Guru"


Pathik's Story was met with positive feedback by many users, including The Bos and The avatar, two writers of popular fanon (writing Avatar: Guardian and The Phoenix Chronicles, respectively).

Comments or suggestions are always welcome. Thanks for reading!

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