Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Path of Ichigo in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Path of Ichigo
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 "You may be my Father! But you can be my Enemy!" 
— Ichigo to her Father in "The Search"


After 300 years the latest Avatar has died and the world is at peace.... for now. This story follows Ichigo a headstrong sixteen year old water bender of the Dominion City . Ichigo confronts her fears on the nightmares she has been having on another upcoming war that might change the way water benders live, since the mastermind wants to exterminate the water benders for good. And Ichigo has to find the Avatar frozen in time to save her people.

The Northern Water Tribe has changed now that the tribe has migrated to Dominion City were there are Water benders, Fire benders, and Earth benders living in harmony.


Ichigo (Main Character)

Makota (Ichigo's love interest)

Princess Yuki (Ichigo's Older sister)

Hisano (Ichigo's voice of reason/best friend)

Magma (Ichigo/Yuki's Father)

Tahno (Ichigo's Fiancee)

Magnolia (Ichigo/Yuki's Mother)

Arke (Ichigo's Saber-tooth Wolf)

Umi Bara (The Avatar)



Episode for Book One:

  • "A Lesson Learned" - Ichigo learns from her Father that has to master her water bending skills to become a warrior or become a healer.
  • "Ichigo and Makota"- Makota and Ichigo goes on a fishing trip gone wrong when a Dragon Whale crashes into a their boat.
  • "Killer Instinct"- Ichigo self teaches herself blood bending and accidently kills a man. After learning bloodbending more she fells like she has the whole world in her hands.
  • "A Cold Truth"-Ichigo is supposed to marry Tahno and when she try's to protest her Father tells her she is designed to marry Tahno and she can't get out of it
  • "What to Do"-Ichigo goes to Hisano and breaks down in tears (showing a softer side of Ichigo) about her arranged marry to Tahno. Hisano confronts Tahno and challenge him to an Agni Kai for Ichigo's hand.
  • "Lovers Light"- Tahno comes out victorious and lives Hisano laying on the ground the loser. Following the Agni Kai, Ichigo confronts Hisano about what happens only for Hisano to confess his love for Ichigo.


Ichigo- she is Headstrong, Calm, Harsh and somewhat caring. She thinks of her sister as weak because she is a princess but still has a heart to protect her. She sometimes berates her Sister's weak composure to speak out. She had a crush on Makota which changes into a friendship. Her and her Father sometimes ram heads when it comes protecting the tribe and her Sister, she also sings but is embrassed to tell anybody, Umi Bara's aura changes her personality little by little. She is Master water bender.

Makota- he is Calm, Composed and Quiet. He cares about Ichigo since they are fellow water benders. He didn't know that Ichigo had a crush on him. He is a pro- water bender.

Princess Yuki- she is Quiet, Soft-spoken and Talented. She is the Princess of the Northern Water Tribe even though she is younger than Ichigo. She is the Wife of a rich man living in Dominion City. She is a non-bender

Hisano- he is Calm, Composed and Soft-spoken. He is the voice of reason for Ichigo's harsh personality, he's been friends with Ichigo since they were little and had crush on Ichigo but kept it secret from Ichigo he still holds a flame for her even though she is married. He is a Master fire bender

Magma- Headstrong, and Composed. He is the Father of Ichigo and Yuki, He choosed Yuki as the princess because he did no see Ichigo as fitting. He choose Tahno as Ichigo's fiancee because they were fitting for each other. He is a non-bender

Tahno- Arrogant,and is "Pretty Boy". he is the fiancee of Ichigo and is a fire bender. he shows some care for Ichigo and love for her and starts to understand why she is angry. He is also a person who would protect Ichigo from anything. He is a Master fire bender

Magnolia- Nice, Quiet, and Caring. She is the Mother of Ichigo and Yuki she is a healer and acts a ref. when Ichigo and her Father argue. She is a non-bender

Umi Bara- Energetic, and Outspoken. He can come off as childish in his antics but is grown up enough to know his roll as the Avatar. He shows some fear of trying to protect people


Ichigo can be translated from Japanese as "He who protects"

Ichigo can was be mistranslated as "Strawberry"

Magnolia is the name of a flower that grows on the Magnolia tree

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