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Pat To
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Central Unified Independent Territories




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The Independents, A War Hero

Pat To was a village that appeared in the Avatar fanon The Saga of Kento. It was a seaport for the Unified Independent Territories, and therefore a major supply route for the young nation. According to Kento, and later Dutch, Pat To is a three day ride south of Yue City.


Pat To was a small fishing village along the western coast of the Earth Kingdom. During the Hundred Year War, the Fire Nation captured it and made it into a colony. Despite being a landing sight for Fire Nation troops and supplies, Pat To remained peaceful throughout the war.

In 100 AG, Fire Lord Ozai put his master plan into effect and attempted to finish off the mainland with a massive wall of fire. This included even the most loyal Fire Nation colonies. Pat To managed to escape the firestorm unharmed, but its people were angered by the fact that their ruler had tried to kill them.

Pat To became one of the first of the colonies to declare their independence from the Fire Nation, doing so in late 101 AG. Within six months, the village joined the new nation known as the Unified Independent Territories. Due to its closeness to the capital, Yue City, the village adopted the currency of the city.

Over the next few years, trade boomed in the village as it became one of the major ports for the new nation.

By 107 AG, the village had established its own militia and had a decent amount of cargo being unloaded at its docks. Kento and Spree visited the village in order to get some supplies and have a hot meal. However they were forced to flee the village after participating in(and starting) a bar fight that injured at least three men.

They left the village with Dutch, a guard that worked at the docks who had also participated in the bar fight. The trio would then make their way north to Yue City, leaving the village behind.

Behind the Scenes

Pat To takes its name from a hill in Vietnam that was the sight of a large battle between American troops and Viet Cong guerrillas.

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