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While taking a little break on her way to the North Pole Erica is confronted by her past life Emiko, who talks to her about another past life Zoisite.

Past Mistakes

Fire. Air. Earth. Water. Long ago, the Phoenix was created to help keep balance among the four nations by making sure the Avatar would not neglect his duties. However, almost a hundred years ago, the Fire Nation started the war and the Avatar disappeared along with the Phoenix. Now, as the Fire Nation comes ever closer to victory the Phoenix has reappeared and I truly believe that she can help restore the world to its formal self.

Erica and Natsu were walking along a dirt path until they reached a long river.

"This looks like a good place to stop for lunch." said Erica looking around

Natsu barked happily, as Erica slid off his back. Then the eelhound ran to the river and dived in causing a large wave to form, which crashed into Erica, leaving her soaked.

"That's it Natsu." said Erica with fake anger "If you want to go, let's go."

Erica dived into the river and began splashing the eelhound. The two continued to play around until a voice came from nowhere:

"Erica, what are you doing?" the voice was female and sounded confused

"Emiko? Where are you?" Erica asked looking around

"Here," said Emiko as the spirit appeared in front of Erica "and you didn't answer my question."

"We're just having some fun." said Erica

"Why aren't you on your way to the North Pole?" Emiko asked

"We are, we're just taking a little break." said Erica

Emiko looked at Erica for a minute before speaking:

"Get out of the water."

"Emiko..." whined Erica

"I want you to go north a ways and you will find the ruins of a city once called Taku. When you get there, we are going to have a talk." said Emiko as she disappeared

"Goody." said Erica as she climbed out of the water "Come on Natsu we got to go."

After drying off, Erica climbed onto Natsu's back and the eelhound began racing across the countryside. It took them most of the day to reach the ruins Emiko had told Erica about. The glow of the sunset gave the ruins an eerie look. Everything was covered in moss and the only structures that were intact enough to know what they were; were two statues of bagermoles that served as entrances to the town.



"Alright I'm here!" called Erica

Emiko materialized in front of Erica.

"You don't have to yell." said Emiko "Do you think it is easy going in and out of the Spirit World?"

"What did you want to talk to me about?" Erica asked

"Do you know where we are?" Emiko asked

"You said it was a city called Taku." said Erica

"Yes. Over a hundred years ago, it was the head of all trade in the Earth Kingdom. That is, until the Fire Nation destroyed it." said Emiko

"Where you there?" Erica asked her past life.

"No." said Emiko "I was already dead when this happened."

That sparked a question that Erica had been meaning to ask the spirit.

"Emiko, what happened to my past life."

"You will have to be more specific, you have many past lives." said Emiko

"I mean the one between you and me." said Erica "You are an Airbender and I am supposed to be a Waterbender, so what happened to the Earthbender?"

"Actually she is the reason that I wanted to talk to you."

"So, what happened?" Erica asked

"Let me take you back ninety-seven years." said Emiko "The war was just starting and a girl named Zoisite was born in the early Fire Nation Colonies. Zoisite was the Phoenix and she grew up to be the worst Phoenix in history"

"What did she do?" Erica asked

"It is more like what she didn't do; she refused to be the Phoenix." said Emiko

"You can do that?" Erica asked shocked

"She did." said Emiko "As tradition states, I revealed to her that she was the Phoenix when she turned sixteen. However, by then the Fire Nation had already declared war on the on the other nations. She was, afraid, she did not want to fight the powerful nation, and so she suppressed the Phoenix spirit inside of her. She lived her life as normally as she could, she never mastered Earthbending, never tried to find the Avatar, and because of that The Fire Nation grew more powerful and now they are nearly unstoppable."

"That's why you were upset when you saw I was playing around." said Erica "You were worried that I would neglect my duty as she did."

"Yes." said Emiko "That is also why I told you who you were before you turned sixteen. I was afraid that, being raised by Ozai, you might adopt some of his, ideals."

"Well, I think I am a little past that happening." said Erica

"Yes, it seems you are." said Emiko with a small smile.

"I won't let the world down Emiko, I promise." said Erica "I have already thought of a plan to find the Avatar and it ties in with my learning Waterbending."

"What is that?" Emiko asked

"Alright, I know everyone believes that the Avatar escaped the Air Nomad Genocide, but what if he didn't? He was young, so he hadn't been revealed as the Avatar to the rest of the world yet. So maybe he was killed and reincarnated into the Water Tribe. He could be hiding there, biding his time until he is ready to take down the Fire Nation Government."

Emiko hung her head.

"You are a smart girl Erica, but the Avatar wasn't killed in the Air Nomad Genocide." she said

"How can you be sure?" Erica asked

"Because, I was at the temple where the Avatar lived, when Sozin began the attack."

" were there?" said Erica amazed

"Yes. It was where I died." said Emiko

"Oh." said Erica not knowing what else to say.

"It is not important." said Emiko "What is important, is that you realize the importance of you mastering Waterbending. In the absence of the Avatar it is your duty to help restore the worlds balance and ensure that something like the destruction of the Air Nomads and the city of Taku never happen again."

"I will do my best."

Emiko nodded

"That is all I can ask of you. And now I must return to the Spirit World, think on what I said."

As she finished speaking Emiko faded away leaving Erica alone with Natsu.

"What do you think boy." Erica asked the eelhound "Do you think I can do it?"

Natsu looked at Erica and licked her face causing her to laugh.

"Aw how sweet." said a male voice behind Erica and Natsu.

They turned around and saw General Hazma and his soldiers sitting on Komodo Rhinos.

"I may vomit." finished General Hazma

"Hazma." said Erica getting into a fighting stance and rousing her inner flame "How did you find me?"

"Well I have to admit after our little scuffle in the Seedy Merchants Pier I wasn't sure whether or not you would head to the North or South Pole. However after your little, Ahem, scene in the Harbor Town I knew you were heading to the North Pole. After that it was simple enough to follow the coast and find you."

Erica became angry with herself, she had been foolish to let her anger take over her at the Harbor Town.

"Now why don't you come with me." said Hazma

"I've told you before, that's not going to happen." said Erica

Erica shot a fireball at the general and he deflected it with a motion of his fist. The general then jumped off his rhino and charged at Erica. Hazma sent streams of fire at Erica and she knocked them away with a kick of her leg. They continued this way for several minutes neither managing to knock the other down.

While they were doing this Natsu and Hazma's Rhino were fighting as well. They were clawing at each other and trying to sink their teeth into each other. The Rhino had bigger claws and had horns; however, Natsu had the advantage of speed. Whenever the rhino took a swipe at the eelhound, Natsu would swiftly dodge and howl angrily. There fight ended when Natsu was able, after dodging the Komodo Rhino's horn, to tackle the rhino and turn it onto its side.

At the time that Natsu knocked the Rhino over, Erica managed to get ahead in her fight. After stopping a flame, Hazma had sent from his foot, Erica sent multiple fire disks at the general. He deflected most of them but finally, the last couple of disks hit him in the chest and sent him toppling over backwards.

Seizing the opportunity Erica ran over to Natsu and jumped on the eelhound's back and he took off running.


As Erica lay with her hands behind her head and leading up against Natsu's sleeping form she thought about the city of Taku and wondered if she was really destined to be a better Phoenix than Zoisite.

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