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The General from the West



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It was the year of 99 AG, the year the Avatar was freed. It was worth remembering the time when a young brigadier general, Marquis De Juin led a diverse paramilitary unit called "La Légion de Monde", also known as the "World Legion" to escort the five diplomats to the shores of Hei Ling, Fire Nation to ask for a simple token of trade to his nation, L'Empire de Gallia. Other than the benders of the group, none of the men of white and colored skin knew what a fire bender was; even the Fire Nation were very familiar with these strangers.

He wore a navy blue kepi on his black bangs and a navy blue uniform with three stars on each epaulet and red stripes on the sides of his legs and shiny black boots that matched his style. He also wore three medals on his left breast, and a yellow fourragère for his dedication to the Gallic-Germanian war three months ago. He has shiny blue eyes that matched the clear sky and his face resembled an Earth Kingdom peasant; there was a possibility that a noble family, Duvernays, had adopted him. He was considered, pretty handsome for a general according to some noble women and refugees from the Earth Kingdom and the Southern Water Tribe.

He stood out in the open in front of his fortified embassy on the outskirts of town of Hei Ling that was loaned to him by the Fire Nation. Here, he could, get the sweet smell of the fire lily fields while thinking about his first encounters with the Fire Nation royal family and the trade agreement. It was a nice spot for the Royal Family of the Fire Nation to provide the foreigners some natural hospitality when they made their first attempt to taste their environment.

"General Juin." Said a stern voice in native French behind him.

"Oui, Colonel Gaston?"

Gaston was the Marquis' right-hand man; he befriended him during the Gallic-Germanic war because of his charisma and passion for war and humanity. He's a strong and loyal friend, but very competitive to the general for his good looks and how many women he could attract.

"I have a message from His Majesty."

He took the letter and opened it. Then he skimmed through the sentences:

-Marquis, I heard that your first time meeting with the Fire Nation Royal family went out smoothly and I'm very glad you did. But beware my friend, they will always be suspicious about this treaty and they will certainly turn on you; you met Princess Azula, right? I've learned that she's as clever as you, but and she will stop at nothing to get what she wants, this she-devil can even kick the hindquarters of the Earth Kingdom and the foreigners if they get in her way. If we want to prevent war, we have to play our cards right. You and the diplomats will now have the right to alter our demands to satisfy the agreement. But send your alterations by telegram to me before you start your second negotiations. We have to ensure that this trade agreement is successful if we want our kingdom to prosper or else our people will lose interests in spreading our influences.

You have my trust, -Jacque Aton

"What does it say, sir?" Gaston asked curiously.

Juin turned a stern eye and said, "I believe that His Majesty is trying to warn us about Azula."

"What do you mean?"

"Well Colonel, Azula is well known to almost half the world for her cruel persona; yesterday I sensed a strong aura from her, as if she wants to attack me for being here."


"I don't know." He looked back to the letter and said, "but I can tell that she can be very manipulative to anyone during the meeting.

He looked back at his friend and ordered, "summon my officers and the diplomats; we're going to discuss about our current proposal."

"Oui, Monsieur." Gaston saluted.

Inside the meeting hall a large table was set to seat a large number of foreign commanding officers and diplomates. Marquis de Juin seated himself at one end while his officers arranged themselves by rank on either side of the table. The five diplomats were on the other end, seated one redheaded female and two male diplomats while the other two obese diplomats with moustaches stood behind them in front of the tricolor flag bearing the dove with an olive branch as representatives of their king.

"Monsieur et mademoiselle, we've received a message from His Majesty. He gave us a couple of precautions for when we're around Princess Azula. But just in case if our deal gets rejected, we have to make two more altered deals for our treaty to become more agreeable. Also, if all else fails we must escape the country."

"But that doesn't make any sense, Princess Azula seems passionate about the proposal; what makes you think that she'll work behind our backs?" Asked Colonel Jeremiah. He was a framed officer from the United Federation of Liberty State Islands military who joined La Légion de Monde to lift the murder charge of ten innocent children.

"General, are you going by your survival instincts again?" asked Colonel Chloe irritatingly. She was a former outlaw from Britannia who wanted to put her marksmanship to good use. But when she sided with the Marquis during the last battle of the Gallic-Germanic war, she believed that a person who uses instincts in dire situations is either paranoid or crazy. Either way, his brilliant leadership inspired her to follow.

"What? No! It's just a reminder for us not to get cocky on this mission. Now listen." He unrolled two embassy perimeter maps along the table, a Fire Nation map and the same map with outlined escape routes. "This is very important, you guys." He slapped his pointer at three underground escape routes leading to three destinations; one led to the forest, another, one into the beaches, and the last but longest one to Ember Island.

"These escape routes will lead us to safety, but in my anticipation they would be waiting for us in either one of them if violence erupts." He took a charcoal pen out from his pocket and circled the forest. "The forest would shelter fire-benders if we attempt our escape, so if we sweep the forest either way, we will be burned to a crisp." He crossed out the landmark and circled the beaches and Ember Island. "We might escape to these destinations, but there's always a price for taking those tunnels. By my way of thinking, I'd say we head to Ember Island while our ships feign escape."

"But, sir? Don't you think we'll have a supply shortage on the way there?" asked Captain Jay. He was a Negro from the Unite Federation of Liberty State Islands who escaped slavery by joining the legion. He was promoted Captain for his brute strength.

"Not if we conserve our food supplies for our evacuation of this "hot-headed nation", and there might be a possibility that their armies are waiting for us on that island, so that might be the best time to conserve our ammo."

A Rus sergeant major raised his hand.

"Yes, Sergeant Major?"

"Da, Ivan is confused; why shouldn't we just head for the beaches and go home?"

"Because Fire Nation ironclads are patrolling the coasts while our armored ships are moored at the docks. If we head for the docks, they'll be a possibility that they would obliterate our only means of escape before we can even get there."

"But sir, my flotilla can hold back the enemy while the diplomats reach our ships." Admiral Bleu protested.

"I really appreciate your support for La Légion de Monde, Alaina, but we must think carefully about how we're going to escape without heavy casualties. In fact, why don't you moor half of the amount of lifeboats on the sandbar while you cover our defenses from a safe distance?"

"But by doing so early, wouldn't that concern the princess more than you?"

"Non probleme." He poured himself a glass of water and drank it. "I'll try and convince her that they're getting ready to escort our merchant ships to their trading port once the trade agreement is established."

Suddenly, a voice of a guard rang through the sliding doors.

"Monsieur, a courier is here from Princess Azula.

"Bring her to me."

A female courier in red and black peasant clothing entered the room like a tired runner from the Gallic Olympic games and bowed in greetings. She asked for some water and Juin raised his hand to signal a guard to offer some.

He asked sternly in Chinese, "what brings you here on this busy time?"

She then reported, "the princess didn't approve your proposal and asked for the diplomats' re-acquaintance in the city tomorrow night alone at the Ozai restaurant."

It was a surprising demand for every officer, giving that demand could betray the meaning of protection. Their mission was to protect the diplomats at all costs, even if a country was friendly to strangers. If those five die at the hands of a sadistic princess, the king would strip them of their rank and send them to military prisons because they are diverse mercenaries, assassins, and former criminals who failed to free themselves. Marquis asked the courier to tell the princess that they needed more time to decide and then she left with a bow. The diplomats whispered to each other about the demand and then asked the Marquis to silence the crowd.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I understand that by accepting this request, we will jeopardize the whole mission. But to me, I'd say it's time we send ourselves to Azula," Lead diplomat Camille proclaimed.

Everyone gasped.

"Are you loco, señora?" Asked a Hispanian commandant.

"Yeah, what makes you think you five of you can go out into the city with no protection?" Jay asked in a demeaning tone.

Camille answered him by drawing a revolver from a nearby officer's holster and aimed at his face, "We all know that this is a military diplomacy but that doesn't mean we are just multinational diplomats." The officers were in shock; no diplomat had ever held a gun before, nor have they done something like that to an officer, not in a few years.

Anxiety ran down the nervous captain, freezing his body, "Wh-What are you doing? This is treason!"

"This isn't treason mon ami..." She cocked the revolver and spoke softly, "It's an example." She let the gun go off and blew a hole between the eyes. Following this action, the diplomats drew their guns at the Marquis while the commanding officers tried to protect him, but she threatened them all. "If you blind numbskulls ever thought about drawing blood on the table, we will kill your so-called 'Marquis de Chink!'" she threatened.

The Marquis tightened his fist at this insult and fiercely asked, "Qu'elle est la problème, Camille?"

"Ma problème, Général?" She scoffed. I can't believe that his naïve highness would give you a position you can't handle."

He slammed his fists on the table, "What the hell are you talking about? Why are you doing this?"

"Because only the white people get what they want, and it is our duty to prevent foreign hordes from taking everything that belongs to us." She cocked the gun for another bullet, which frightened the officers. "And you became the main pest to our dog."

"What are you trying to pull, Camille? I saved you all and the metallic mines of Alain Province from Germania, and this is the thanks I get from most of you people?" He gritted his teeth.

"Oui, Général. Your actions during the Gallic-Germanic war inspired those who escaped the Fire Colonies to bring themselves to our level." Said Arnaud in a croaking tone. He was a blonde obese diplomat with a selfish attitude. "And you inspired former Negro slaves from the UFLSI to join your war party."

"And for that we will not allow them to take away the dignity of our race." Clovis butted in. He was a racist diplomat with glasses who sat alongside Camille. "Now drop your weapons, all of you."

Gaston stepped in and placed his double-barreled shotgun at Camille's head. "Force us to, and the traitor loses her head."

The threat to her was pathetic, and everyone knew it; obviously their mission was to protect the diplomats. But now that the World Legion had traitors in their midst, they were impossible to kill. "You people have no power over us, so stand the fuck down."

Shame was not a word in their vocabulary, but they would not be going to jail as framed men, so they sheathed their guns or dropped them.

"Now dismiss, we have a big day tomorrow," she sneered.

As they departed humiliatingly, the Marquis looked back at the five and made a stern expression and thought, "what are you traitors up too?"

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