The Birth of Kyoshi
Past, Present, Future
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November 27, 2014

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After my escape from the Water Warriors, and ending up in Kyoshi Island. There, I learnt the ways of Chi Blocking, from the Master Ty Lee herself, but time really flies fast.


"Yeah! I couldn't help but awe Ty Lee's amazing skills, and the ways and spirit of the Kyoshi Warriors. She was a great teacher," I told my brother.

So going on from before, as I introduced myself to the chi blocking master, and the warriors, they greeted me back respectfully, unlike when they ambushed me. I learned that they were an isolated group of people.

"There are new ways I need to learn, ways," I told myself.

"I am gathering members of the Island to join us for lunch later today. How would you like to join us Noatak?" Koko said.

"It would be my honour," I told her.

"You look 'wrecked'? How about we get you dressed before having lunch?" Ty Lee said.

"Sure," I replied.

So Ty Lee, and the Kyoshi Warriors then treated me for lunch, as I was dressed in my new Earth Kingdom outfit.

"So, what is the Kyoshi Warriors?" I asked.

"The Kyoshi Warriors are a group of women, who learnt how to defend themselves, personally taught by Avatar Kyoshi herself. During the Hundred Year War, they were the protectors of the island, and after the war ended, I taught them in the art of chi blocking to be able to face against the toughest bending opponents. Ever since then, I became part of the Kyoshi Warriors. Foreigners who wants a new identity can also join the Kyoshi Warriors. They must detach themselves from their past life, and live a new one," Ty Lee told me.

"I'll think it over. Meanwhile, let's have lunch," I told them.

After lunch ended, a special guest came over.

"It's nice to meet you, Noatak is it?" The Kyoshi Warrior asked.

"Yes, I am Noatak, may I know your name?" I asked.

"My name is Suki. I was once the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors. Now I am Koko's personal bodyguard, as she has recently ascended the throne from her father, and that was his dying wish," Suki told me.

"I'm so sorry," I told her.

After lunch, Suki showed me to my quarters, which was relatively small and cozy. It wasn't cold, but just at the right temperature. I sat for hours reminiscing about my past. I knew that I wanted to run away from it, taking one goal with me: The goal to bring equality to the non-bending citizens of Republic City, and the world. That is when I went to see Ty Lee.

"So I have thought about what you said earlier, and I decided that I will rid of my past, and create my future." I told Ty Lee.

"Do your best. I am sure that you can do it," Ty Lee said.

I couldn't wait, as I burst into excitement in my sleep. There was dawn again, but this one was different. I then met with the warriors at the kwoon, where they asked me to wear their uniform. Before I left to drape, Suki bursts into excitement as she saw her boyfriend Sokka walking towards the kwoon.

"Sokka!" Suki called out.

"Sweetie!" Sokka called back.

The two of them then shared a moment together before more questions were asked.

"How's the life in Republic City?" Suki asked.

"Same as always. Working on the council, jurisdiction, everyday problems. I came down here to return to the Southern Water Tribe as my father has recently passed. Now I am going to ascend to the throne in two week," Sokka told her.

"I'm so sorry, but I am so glad to see you again," Suki said.

"I'm sorry, this is Noatak. He was a guardsman for the Chief of the Northern Water Tribe. But a couple of days ago, he went overboard, and landed on the shore of our island. Some of our warriors ambushed him, but now he wants to learn our ways," Suki told him.

"Hi Noatak! It's nice to meet you," Sokka told me.

"It is a great honour to meet you Sokka," I told him.

"I remembered the day when my sister, the Avatar and I were ambushed by Suki and her warriors. Like you, I also asked if I could learn their ways. The next few days during my stay, I learnt so much from them, and it really helped me with my hand to hand combat skills, fighting tougher opponents like Ty Lee," Sokka told me.

"Hey! Sokka is here!" Ty Lee called out.

"It is great to see you again," Sokka told her.

"Are you going to join us during our training sessions, with Noatak?" Ty Lee asked.

"I might do. But first, I need to settle down," Sokka told her.

Suki then took Sokka to his quarters, next to mine.

"Sokka... Doesn't that name ring a bell?" I thought to myself.

"I remember taking his place after he left the Council. So that's why he left," Tarrlok told me.

"Yes. He still changed Republic City to a great deal," I told Tarrlok.

"He was a man of wisdom, greatness and humour," I told him.

After I became a Water Warrior, I often went to the library, due to my obsession with history, and I loved reading the history of the Hundred Year War.

"I remembered that day when we were boys, and you lectured dad about Avatar Aang's ability to take a person's bending away, being better than bloodbending," I told Tarrlok.

"Wait... Sokka, Team Avatar!" I remember now.

"Get dressed! dinner is ready!" Suki said.

"I'll be there in a minute," I told her.

As I got there, I saw Suki, Ty Lee and Sokka sitting on the ground waiting for my presence.

"For your pleasure, I present to you a wild seared Kyoshi eel," the chef proudly announced.

"This is our island's specialty dish," Suki told me.

"From where I came from, we had lots of fish, but I've never heard of a Kyoshi eel before," I replied.

"The dinner was great! Thank you so much Suki!" I told her.

"It was my pleasure! Now lets head back to the Kyoshi's Temple for our first lesson, history," Suki happily replied.

"Alright! I can't wait," I told her.

"Good, because there is a lot to remember," Suki told me.

As we finally reached the Temple after a five kilometer walk, I was exhausted, as I never had to walk for such a long distance.

"Water," I said desperately.

"Of course," Suki told me.

"Avatar Kyoshi was two Avatars before Avatar Aang. She created Kyoshi Island by separating this land from the Earth Kingdom mainland, during the battle for her island in the neck of the peninsula. She wanted to protect our people, and land from Chin the Conqueror. She then creates the Kyoshi Warriors years later, as she have seen men abusing women around this village. So she decided to teach the women on this Island to defend themselves. We only taught female non-benders from this island, until Sokka came. He was the first foreigner that I accepted teaching, as he had an open heart for learning. Ever since then, people who are lost come to this Island to start afresh," Suki lectured.

"I think I remembered most of it," I told her.

"Good. I don't expect you to remember everything, let's head back to the kwoon to begin the real training," Suki said.

"Good idea," I replied.

The two of us then headed back to the kwoon, down in the Village, and we saw Sokka dressed in a Kyoshi Warriors' uniform.

"Feels like old time, sweetie?" Suki asked.

"Yeah! I remember when I first had to wear it in front of you and your students," Sokka replied.

"Haha! I had to wear it in Ba Sing Se, after Azula stole your uniforms," Ty Lee said.

"Back in those days..." Sokka said.

"Alright, let's begin our training!" Suki said.

"The art of the Kyoshi Warriors is about the constant flow of pushing your opponents attacks to your defence. After the Hundred Year War, our art became more diverse, using acrobatics, and studying how other benders fight in combat, so we could learn how to defend ourselves against them," a Kyoshi Warrior told me.

We trained for the next few days, as they taught me how to use the fan, and sword. I remember Sokka being an excellent swordsman, but a terrible chi blocker, due to his older age. Now it's sparring time.

"Sokka vs. Noatak!" Suki said.

"Bring out the wheel of choice," a Kyoshi Warrior said.

She spun it, and bad news for me, the spinner landed on swords, but, it was only wooden ones.

"You two ready?" Suki asked.

"Yep", "Bring it on!" We both told each other.

"Fight!" Suki said.

The both of us just stood still, and waited. I knew I had to strike. So I went at him with a left swing. He evades, before disarming me almost instantly. The second round was similar as Sokka also disarmed me nearly instantly. This was when I reflected the entire battle in my head. The way Sokka fights is extremely unique. Now came round three. Our blows were attack to defence, defence to attack. It didn't end until, the wooden swords were struck at the shoulder of each other.

"This round is a tie!" Suki said.

"A tie?" a Kyoshi Warrior said.

"[Claps.] Not bad, you have certainly improved within a couple of days," Ty Lee said.

"Thank you Sokka," I told him.

"It was a pleasure, I hate to ruin the moment, but I have to head to the Southern Water Tribe before a global meeting in Republic City. How would you like to come with me to meet up with the Chief of the Northern Water Tribe?" Sokka replied.

"It would be great. Thank you so much," I told him.

"We will leave tonight. Pack your bags, a new journey awaits," Sokka told me.


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