By The Parius Part of the Avatar: Darkness and Light continuity.
Parius Chitose
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Not Known



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Fighting style(s)

Swordsmanship, martial arts


Aang, Anyone


Someone who stands in his way, or hurts innocent people

Chronological and political information


Parius is young, care-free man. He is constantly on the move, and is usually considered harmless. However, Parius was once known as the most dangerous men on the planet. He slaughtered many men, and was widely recognized by one name. The Black Dragon.


Where Parius is born, no one knows. However, none can deny the impact he has had. Two years before the Avatar awakened, Parius was the most dangerous man on the planet. He had slaughtered thousands of people, and seemed to enjoy it. He went by a different name, though. The Black Dragon. Then, one day, he disappeared. In truth, Parius was sick of what he was doing. He took up his real name, and started traveling. He sat by the sidelines, when the Avatar fought against, and eventually won against the Fire Nation. He silently applauded these actions, and soon knew that if he was to meet the Avatar, that he would greet him as a friend. Parius is still traveling, to this day. The only thing keeping him company, is his past, and his blade.


As Parius, he is a kind, and compassionate man. A bit trusting, but he is also serious, and is able to take in information at enormous rates. He is prone to smiling, even in combat. He likes the challenge of a strong opponent. However, threaten, or hurt someone he cares about, his personality switches back, to his Black Dragon persona.

As the Black Dragon, Parius is cold, emotionless, and a killer. In his own words, "Whenever I go to that place, no one survives. I can, and will kill everyone in my way." Parius rarely speaks while like this, and will also torture his opponent, only to satisfy his own need for bloodlust.


Master Swordsman - Parius almost constantly wields his black katana, Anokoku. He is considered a swordsmanship master,one of the best. He holds back, though, when he isn't in his Black Dragon persona. This leads to him losing more battles than he used to. However, even then, it is unwise to think Parius isn't going to give you a fight.

Hand to Hand Combat - When unarmed, Parius shows that he is adept in hand-to-hand combat, as well. While, not as comfortable as he is with a sword, he knows enough to at least give him enough time to regain his blade.

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