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Aang and Tenzin By AvatarMJC See other fanon and fan fiction works from AvatarMJC.

Paris was born in the South Pole unknown village. Avatar Mario found her suddenly when he was taking a walk. Paris was soon officially become Avatar Mario's animal companion.


Early Life

Paris is a polar bear found by Mario in a cold temperature location in the South Pole and she's rare because usuall, polar bears are found in the North Pole not South Pole. She obeyed every word and sentence her owner said. She had the ability to fight criminals everywhere. Paris could stand the heat in the outer of South Pole but cannot resist the heat in Si Wong Desert. As a polar bear, Paris is strong and powerful. More powerful than any polar bears.

Historical Fall War

Paris, Claw, and Lightning obeyed their owner said. They had to protect the South Pole every time. Paris served as their leader and they protected the South Pole from any nations.


Paris could do anything to protect her friends and her owner. She could kick the snow and ice together at a time and create a small wave to defeat her enemies. She was trained by Mario to defend herself since she was found.


  • Paris was named by AvatarMJC after his puppy.
  • Paris is known as a strong defender but not a bender.
Preceded by
Avatar's Animal Companion
2018 AG - Present
Succeeded by
Incumbent, successor to be born in Earth Kingdom

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