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"She's conquered her guilt.
But can she conquer her Shadow?"

Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Parentless in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

When there's nobody left but a brother.
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July 25th, 2012 - ?





Parentless is a fanon written by WaterbenderTaikai that alternates point of view between the main protagonists, Mako and Bolin.


Parentless follows Mako and Bolin's lives in Republic City just after the murder of their parents. Mako will do anything to keep him and Bolin alive, and that includes working for a triad, following him around, and going along with all of Bolin's crazy ideas. Bolin is very imaginative and wants to do what sometimes sound like out of the ordinary things, including making a smaller version of the Pro-bending Arena. The brothers find themselves in sticky situations, making new friends, and fighting the perils of the large metropolis' streets.


1. The Murder (Mako)

2. To the Streets (Bolin)

3. The Other Orphans (Mako)

4. Street Battles (Bolin)

5. Search of Secrets, Part One (Mako)

6. Search of Secrets, Part Two (eh, you get the point)

These are not all of the chapters. The names for upcoming ones are in progress and thus are not shown.



  • Mako - An eight year old boy willing to do anything to keep his little brother alive. A firebender who has inherited his father's great skills.
  • Bolin - A six year old boy that has a sense of humor and tries to lighten the mood. An earthbender taught by his mother.



  • Dad - The father of Mako and Bolin. He was murdered in a house robbery with his wife. A skilled firebender and lightning master.
  • Mom - The mother of Mako and Bolin. Also murdered by a firebender mugger. An excellent earthbender.
  • Kaita - Currently little is known about Kaita other than she is a waterbender that played the orphans pro-bending game one day.


  • Talar - A non-bender and orphan that lives at the Central City Station.
  • Ritochy - The other non-bender of the station orphans and the youngest too.
  • Kilak - A waterbender that is an orphans at the station.
  • Zalior - A firebender of the same age as Mako. Also a station orphan.
  • Benji - An earthbender that lives at the station with the others.


  • Firebender Mugger - The robber that broke into the home of Mako and Bolin's family. Murderer of their parents, and a firebender capable of lightning generation.
  • The Galaxy Three - Lekiat, Zeldo, and Bozilor. The three 'nasty dudes' that used Kaita to go undercover to find information on the orphans.

More to come as I write...

Art and Illustrations

All art seen throughout my fanon is hand-drawn by me, WaterbenderTaikai.


"Nice cover art!"
— An anonymous contributor


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